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Ormonde Jayne (2019)

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Part of the 'Elixir' collection of five fragrances, inspired by Ormonde Jayne favourites and featuring Cambodian oud oil.

Playing with our original signature scents is playing with fire, but I am confident that fans of Ormonde Woman and Ormonde Man will adore Ormonde Elixir. The house signature with its forests of hemlock and cedar and now, with an added note of Cambodian Oudh for warmth and sensuality brings a compelling new dimension.

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Reviews of Ormonde Elixir by Ormonde Jayne

There are 5 reviews of Ormonde Elixir by Ormonde Jayne.

Ormonde Man is about as close as it gets to the perfect office fragrance for me. Others seem to share this sentiment. Elixir has the same black hemlock and cardamom signature as Ormonde Man, making the two perfumes obviously related. The Cambodian oud in Elixir is probably the most drastic departure from the scent profile of Ormonde Man. It is not a skanky or animalic oud. It is clean, woody, and intoxicating. Elixir is very pungent, surely due to the high concentration of fragrance oil, where Ormonde Man is really quite diffusive. Elixir can be overwhelming to others in close quarters, so I could not see myself wearing this to work. I do, however, often wear the OG to the office in the morning and spray Elixir on after a long day of work. A perfect pair in that respect.
Apr 21, 2021


It opens with a tad bit of oud to open up. I've only tried Ormonde Man, and not Woman, but this definitely smells the same as that, if you have tried it. They are the same fragrance, but tweaked. Man is a bit more pine smelling, and Elixir is a bit sweeter. After the oud blends in in like 10 seconds, a bit of some soft cotton candy sweetness is very very present. The drydown of this one is really fantastic. It is strong. It has proper volume. Longevity very good. It just smells so good. I love this fragrance. Even more than my full wearings I spray it on my arm all the time. I just love the smell. It goes a bit powdery in a classy way to end. I could wear this every day and be satisfied. Made it to my top ten, I might even back it up, which is a rarity for me. Presentation is fantastic. Only thing Id say is that if you were not caring about as much subtle nuance, the Ormonde Man would get you pretty close. There is really only a difference with the added 1% of Cambodian oud that makes this so much more expensive. $280 for 50ml is quite expensive. This is refined though, and I love it.

As for the opening oud, its got some tiny foot/cheese to it. I'm suprised its cambodian and not assam. I assosiate assam with cheese.
Oct 28, 2020

Starts off with a harsh, medicinal note, reminds me of Chloraseptic mouth spray. Something in this is dry and cool, almost camphoric, like a mothball or a dentist's office. But also, florals are present. Eventually, it dries down to a soft floral-woody base, which isn't great but still so much more pleasant than the opening.

Projection is good and longevity is even better, lasting all day.
Apr 14, 2020

In which the cultivated forest ritual of Ormonde Man gets interrupted by someone stepping into a cowpat oud. That’s just me being flippant and signalling that the oud is a bit wild and unwashed. But truth to tell it is quite at home in the otherwise lush, cool greens of the signature Ormonde perfume, the fresh breath of cardamom providing a nice point of contrast to the animalic oud. So far I have not come across anything that remotely resembles this marriage of oud with an open, expansive, subtly orchestrated green composition and that in itself is remarkable, but when, as in this case, the result detracts nothing from what was a contemporary classic while transforming and renewing it by degrees, that is worth applauding. A welcome addition that manages to retain the lithe beauty of the original.
Another plus point for those fearful of repelling company – the oud is perceived mainly by the wearer, the sillage is much fresher.
Mar 6, 2020

Ormonde Man was a really unique scent, which I quite liked, yet something in it prevented me from buying into it - perhaps it was too much hemlock, to much statement in it. Now I'm amused that this Elixir is a great improvement, and it has everything I ever wished. Probably the best scent ever I've come across.
I have seen the question if it's based on Ormonde Man or Ormonde Woman. I'm convinced that it's rather a masculin scent than a feminine one, so my answer is that Man.
Aug 31, 2019

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