Origino fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bergamot, Pink Peppercorns
  • Heart

    • Juniper, Nutmeg
  • Base

    • Sandalwood, Enigmatic Musks

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Short lived musky aroma…

Nothing special I am sad to say…
26th September 2021
Origino represents my first approach with the Jeroboam's olfactory "silent" universe. Inhaling a sniff of Origino from my skin is a supremely musky experience quite sophisticated, dark and enigmatic. Burning aromatic candles and cozy salons overlooking a Venetian canal are "in the air". I have to say that this enigma is not kind of ancestral or spiritual but something significantly urban and glamour in its musky vaguely lipstick fluidy soapiness. There is a silent super chic aura all around, something smelling about museum's halls, lounge refined restaurants, tea salons and posh cultured metropolitan ambiences. I finally imagine dark rooms (inside health clubs) filled by the "elixir" aroma of aromatic candles and soaps. Opening is super spicy (pepper and nutmeg in particular) and "watered" out by hints of citrus and aromatic greens. This cool-fluidy vibe is working throughout. In a while a warmer embrace of precious woods and enigmatic musks takes the scene with its enveloping mysterious soapy/silky blanket. The evolution is not particularly laborious (as usual for super musky accords) while the final twist is more and more subtle and refined. Probably hints of vanilla or balsams are implemented in the spicy/musky recipe. I pick up finally a sort of saffronish rosey nuance in the general aromatic "ambience". Along the dry down a more fluidy/soapy/musky virile woody-aromatic vibe a la Bvlgari Blv PH (but richer and "fuller") waves its twist in the air. Origino is the initial Jeroboam's composition and the original emblem of the brand's supremely musky-urban conceptualism, something vened by quite subtle spicy nuances and a balmy woodsy warmth. Great job by Vanina Muracciole. Thumbs up.
24th February 2021