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Original Vetiver by Creed

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Original Vetiver is a men's fragrance launched in 2004 by Creed

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Reviews of Original Vetiver by Creed

There are 185 reviews of Original Vetiver by Creed.

This is talked about as a happy friendly vetiver. A expensive Mugler cologne. Id say it does smell like the Mugler, but it has more vetiver. The Mugler is a citrus clean soapy flowers. This is that with a vetiver backdrop. I smell the vetiver similar to the Guerlain in the background. Ultimately this is a standard fare, soapy clean and green fragrance. I found longevity decent and projection a bit below average. This was from an authorized spray sample. I could see getting this someday, but I was hoping for a little more Creed basenote magic that I did not get. Even though this is a low priced Creed, I'm still docking it for being expensive. Presentation is quite nice. The gradient green on those Victorian looking bottles. Pretty nice. Neutral. This reminds me as well of the Elle Saab Vetiver, for what it is worth. I think I liked that one a bit more, even if they costed the same.

Perfect work or getting $hit done scent. Extremely underrated, and one of the best ever released by Creed.

This is the dumb-grab from Creed.

Of all of the Creed scents out there this is probably their best one in terms of quality, performance and versatility. Like Guerlain's Vetiver (1961), this is a fragrance that you can wear anywhere and fit in without issue. It works in the office, works during casual events, would work on a date (warmer months preferred); it would even work at a formal event.

It has a savon accord very similar to Mugler Cologne (2001), but with the addition of vetiver, though that vetiver is a background player in this. I've never found Original Vetiver to be a "vetiver fragrance." What makes this work so well is the soap note made by the combination of a really good citrus and floral combination. It has great performance (by Creed standards) in regards to longevity and projection. Wear this in the spring/summer for best effect.

If you need a cheaper alternative to this, pick up Mugler Cologne. It's not the same, but it's in the same ballpark, much the way Set Sail St. Barts (2007) by Tommy Bahama is the ballpark alternative to Creed's Virgin Island Water (2007). That said, if you have the disposable income, I think that Original Vetiver is the one Creed fragrance that I would go so far as to say is a blind buy. It's difficult not to like this one.

Big thumbs up.

Original Vetiver is definitely a no-fuss clean fragrance. I've never smelled Mugler Cologne so I can't speak to that comparison. To my nose it's kind of a marriage of the vetiver/citrus freshness of Eau Sauvage with a more soapy fougere like GIT. It doesn't really grab me, I personally prefer "statement" fragrances that break expectations a bit. But, it's definitely suited to an office environment where potential offense should be minimized. If that's what you're looking for this is a pretty good option. Additionally, as I've felt with Eau Sauvage, my skin tends to eat up fresh fragrances, giving this only a couple hours on my skin.

It took wearing this a few times to understand it, but now that I have I'm seriously considering making it my next Creed on the shelf. I picked up Guerlain Vetiver a few weeks ago and it's been in my rotation since. It kind of set my expectations for an earthy, direct, robust vegetal tone and that's not at all what comes with Original Vetiver.

Now that I've let the fresh cut, vibrant grassy accord have a chance, I love it. The floral notes and ginger have been blended gorgeously to contribute to a really solid overall effect. This scent immediately brings back sense memories of holidays from my childhood, and the soapiness from the iris in the dry down is clean and luxuriant.

Thumbs up. I can't imagine it as a night time scent and it's uniquely suited to spring and summer, but your mileage may vary.

Creed Original Vetiver (2004) is indeed an original take on vetiver, but unfortunately not really that much of an original fragrance. What you effectively get here is a fresh, soapy, eau de cologne style bolstered with the green grassy demeanor of Haitian vetiver, rather than a vetiver-focused scent. As noted by myself and likely others, stronger eau de toilette and eau de parfum interpretations of the classic neroli eau de cologne style seemed to have been all the rage among perfume houses in the late 90's through mid 2000's, most of such examples being niche or luxury in nature. Original Vetiver received most of its intial negative press as a replacement for the well-loved Creed Vétiver (1948?), which itself was a more-direct vetiver scent, but over time Original Vetiver has proven its merits.

The opening of Original Vetiver is a hit of dry bergamot and orange with that vetiver note right out front, grassy and fresh. The vetiver soon steps behind the curtain after this initial showing, letting a clean soapy iris and light orange blossom set up the heart. The vetiver comes and goes through an exceptional French-milled savon accord that will appeal greatly to fans of soapy fragrances or iris/orris lovers in general, meaning wearers of Paco Rabanne Pour Homme (1973) or Penhaligon's Castile (1998) should take note. There is a bit of dirtiness in the base thanks to ginger, musk, and that salty/earthy warmth of ambergris Creed loves, but this interplay is slight. I don't get any sandalwood like some breakdowns suggest, but there is a touch of oakmoss and some kind of woody aroma which is probably synthetic but works well in the overall mix. Sillage is moderate but longevity is appreciable, as I've come to expect from Creed. Wear this anytime, as something this clean and versatile is to me a true generalist scent for nearly anyone.

This stuff won't turn heads like Aventus (2010) and doesn't scream masculinity like Bois du Portugal (1987), but for fans of Creed's fresher offerings like Green Irish Tweed (1985) or Royal Water (1997), this is a good addition. Of course, a bottle of Mugler Cologne (2001) will get you in roughly the same shape minus the vetiver for a whole lot less, but you won't find this specific combination of values anywhere else without really digging, so it's worth seeking out if the price happens to be right. One thing's for sure, Original Vetiver actually delivers what it promises, unlike Original Santal (2005) and all of its unrepentant cynicism. MSRP is of course nuts, but as one of the lesser-hyped and least-discussed modern Creeds out there, Original Vetiver comes up at good discount prices more than some of their heavier hitters in the market. Thumbs up!

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