Oriento fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Lemon, Saffron, Styrax
  • Heart

    • Rose, Ylang Ylang, Apple
  • Base

    • Sandalwood, Patchouli, Enigmatic Musks

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An ample,rich,deep rose scent that makes me think of noir movies,rain, velvet dresses and candle light.a black-clad femme fatale in knee high boots. these are my associations when i smell. this is typical oriental fragrance,but on the other hand - for me it's quite great, especially for mainstream genre.i really can smell the quality of this fragrance.to my nose,it resembles a little L Autre Oud. this is not a girly-sweet rose.the rose comes on a bit strong in the beginning, but is beautiful after it mixes with my chemistry.

This fragrance opens powerfully and passionately of slightly spiced rose is gradually enhanced by developing woodiness and warmth patchouli. there are just enough to imagine the rose blown into the house with a warm woody wind.i love the jammy rose in this,and there is the perfect hint of sweetness to balance the dry earthiness of the saffron and patchouli.it is the smell of damascus rose that is key.long lasting,you would leave a trail on your lovers sheets,you would be remembered. this perfume will never leave you alone and it will always be at your side like a menory that is fully etched at your life.
23rd September 2021
Oriento strikes immediately for its dominant rosey vibe firmly rooted on a bed of spicy/musky resins. Saffron is the absolute protagonist alongside this rosey rose. Oriento is definitely well appointed but basically unoriginal. The "musky-rosey" ideal connection with Montale Black Aoud is evident but while the latter is more properly oudish, mossy and woody (with its initial hardly approachable potpourri/medicinal whiff) Oriento is gentler (though quite powerful) and much more focused on subtle spices and sophisticated fruity floral patterns (which makes sure it turning out kind of modern and more approachable with its super chic saffronish ylang-ylang's spark). The juice is profoundly resinous and amberish (a la Xerjoff Kind of Blue) on my skin (with a secret incensey undertone), overall rosey and kind of lipstick (with a super spicy/floral sophistication which renders it more suitable for a feminine taste unlike the more properly masculine Black Aoud). In particolar styrax exhales this intense balsamic/resinous "steam" (with herbal nuances) which tends to smell delicately sweet, floral and feminine. I detect similarities with scents as Dueto Parfums City Oud (for its main accord of saffron, resins, patchouli, woods and rose) and Tiziana Terenzi Ecstasy (for a quite similar olfactory backbone and for the kind of inebriating spiritual spark). Along the way sandalwood is more promiment. Dry down is extremely rosey/mossy and soapy but still retaining a floral-spicy subtlenness quite glamour and chic (and with a emerging undishernible spicy fruitiness rounding up the whole olfactory fatigue).
3rd March 2021

On me, Oriento is mostly a saffron perfume, but ornamented interestingly. There's the supporting cast you'd expect with saffron - a pinch of rose for depth, quinoline and pine tar for leather, and a swirl of oud for exoticism. But there's also a fruity sweetness that makes Oriento stand out a bit from the pack of luxury oud perfumes - It's a bit like apple, but more candied and floral, so it smells more to me like a mix of peony and lychee. It's clever - the saffron is clearly saffron in all its leathery glory, but the whole thing is candied. My only real nitpick is a pinch of that "woody amber" aquatic basenote hovering deep in the background, but it's not enough to really put me off. Nice!
23rd January 2018