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The opening is a floral mix, but it is counterbalanced almost immediately by a slightly harsh castoreum; hence the floral sweetness is always kept in check. A lovely green impression of rose stems and leaves adds a green undertone, and it is aligned with a discreet tuberose that gains prominence with time.

The drydown sees the rise of a very pretty jasmine, which is rich and smooth; very nice.

The base is laid out around an ambery styrax, with a nonspecific woodsiness in the background. Whiffs of a subtle oriental incense join the styrax at times; maybe this is the connection to the Maulana? I also get hints of the castoreum still; there has been the claim that the pheromone extract of the wild beaver is included in this blend too.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

A very pleasant scent for cool spring days, with ingredients of a good quality, and with a nice original touch in what appears to be a fairly standard concept otherwise. Overall 3.25/5.
5th May 2020
This heady oriental floral features rose, jasmine, tuberose, castoreum, styrax, leather and vanilla. The tuberose is prominent and sweet underscored by the animalic castoreum and the amber/woody styrax. The layers of rose and jasmine are woven throughout adding a depth to the "oriental" effect. While this is listed as unisex, it definitely leans floral and feminine unless you have a tolerance for rich, sweet flowery scents, this may not be your thing. It must be the "attar" that makes this scent especially powerful compared to many other of these Profumo offerings which tend to have gentle, close-to-the-skin silage. This one is tenacious and bossy, so be prepared.
29th January 2016