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The Different Company (2009)

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Oriental Lounge by The Different Company

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Reviews of Oriental Lounge by The Different Company

There are 16 reviews of Oriental Lounge by The Different Company.

Water Serpents II BY Gustav Klimt

Mod, fresh, Célinesque,
This Hello Kitty amber,
Strobe-lite Opium.

This is what I wear when I would like to have a dimmer switch on my Tom Ford Amber Absolute.

Now, having said that, let me be clear that they are not the same scent - this is more feminine. I agree with other reviewers, which is what made me think this would be the amber I needed for "regular" wear. I would NOT have my husband wear this - it really does lean too feminine in my opinion, and I would not wish to smell this on a man.

I have no explanation looking at the notes listed as to why this should NOT work on a man, except it must be the way in which the notes/materials are blended. It's just light, and suggests womanly beauty...there is nothing here that even hints at masculine angles.

I'd like to wear this with a long green velvet gown.

Should have paid more attention to rogalal!
Blind bought this and and it is unisex if you use a very broad definition.
Very sweet and feminine, may have some similarities with one of the Chanel fragrances marketed to women. Will have to go through my wife's collection to verify.
Good quality, a little interesting touch of spice, but mostly sweet!

After revisiting my wife's fragrances, it indeed it is a 1st Cousin to Coco Chanel.
Smells better for the first 20 minutes, but does not have the legs of Coco which gives a solid 6-7 hours. If it had solid longevity I would recommend it highly to women. As it is, it is severely over priced for anyone.

Oriental Lounge by The Different Company is a beautiful sweet Oriental fragrance. From the first spray you can smell the amber and tonka. In the dry down it is a soft Oriental gourmand. The tonka really shines in the dry down. It is sweet, peppery, spicy, mysterious and alluring. I could picture Greta Garbo wearing this fragrance in Grand Hotel.

great take on the Oriental genre, solid sillage and good longevity..bergamot , tonka till an amber core for the final curtain, if you are into orientals this is a great one!

Bergamot, tonka and amber is what I'm picking up on the opening. This gives the fragrance a nice fresh aromatic sweet amber scent.

After a short while the pepper and woods come into play making sure the scent does not become too sweet. Later on in the drydown a slight floral rose note joins the blend giving the scent a extra dimension.

This accord of citrus aromatic amber and peppery woods is becoming quite common now. And I have smelled it in a lot of different fragrances.

A very nice scent though it does nothing to distinguish itself amongst other scents of it's kind. In fact I like Barkhane by Teo Cabanel better which is highly reminiscent of this fragrance.

Dior homme intense mis-labeled?Smells like diluted dior homme intense. Not bad, but not fantastic either .Pros: SmoothCons: Unoriginal perhaps "

Kind of "meh" for me. It's a marshmallow-sweet vanilla with some lemony citrus on top, with a polite butterscotchy amber and a bit of powder. In my opinion, the curry is just a marketing gimmick - I can't smell it.

It's not nearly as rich as most scents of this type. That being said, it's still quite loud - it's just weirdly "thin". Despite some old-school elements, the loud sweetness makes Oriental Lounge smell modern. I don't know - I just don't care for screeching marshmallows, even if they do have a classy powdery amber undertone.

The smell of curry leaves defies description – pungent, herbal, metallic, somewhat caramelized; and yet someone reading those words would probably be completely surprised if they sniffed the real thing for the first time. No other scent comes close. To me it is the major chord of South Indian cuisine – the tempering of many dishes with curry leaves and mustard seeds in hot oil, to which additional tang is added by tamarind, and subtlety and creaminess by fresh coconut. The surface of the leaf has volatile oils which jump up and dance upon heating.
How on earth would Celine Ellena integrate this note that clearly belongs in the kitchen rather than upon the body? By masking. The curry leaf is glued firmly to the bergamot and together they approximate cigarette smoke – not terribly appealing if you already share house space with a smoker. Underneath is a base of tonka and amber which takes gradual steps forward all the time, and the fascinating bit of this fragrance is how this sweetness interacts with the florals, spice and woods over its evolution. Ultimately it's all a bit too lived in for me, like yesterday's perfume on yesterday's shirt – I'd rather put it in the wash.

Prim and proper or pusillanimous? It's all a matter of taste, I suppose--one which I have yet to acquire in the case of the kinder, gentler, thinner orientals of which The Different Company ORIENTAL LOUNGE is one. Upon application, I was sure that I recognized the scent, and I probably did in the form of fleeting traces of many classic oriental perfumes, but here it was all too foggy and distinct, mealy-mouthed and weak.

"Thin orientals" seem to be wanting to be all things to all people but end by being simply too wishy-washy for me. I guess that I'm just old school when it comes to orientals. I like them dark, strong, and intoxicating. The sort of perfume that you'd have to wear to be noticed in a dark, smoke-filled oriental lounge, come to think of it. Does ORIENTAL LOUNGE smell bad? No, not at all. But it smells to me like the silhouette of a perfume.

Although ORIENTAL LOUNGE is not for me, anyone who likes this sort of "thin oriental" should definitely check out the Romea D'Ameor line (also composed by a great nose, but not his best work, IMNSHO).

This is easy to throw in the oriental category, but it indeed does have a lighter feel to it. There is a green edge that runs almost all the way through the life of the fragrance that keeps it from becoming cloying or heavy. I think it is the curry leaf note that I am smelling. It's an herbal, green note that pops in shortly after the familiar bergamot opening.

The amber pretty quickly settles in and stays all the way through. It is a soft amber, but very present. Mid way, a very nice rose note projects just a hint (tiny) bit of powder, but that is about all that shifts and changes in this fragrance.

I enjoyed Oriental Lounge very much, and I do think it offers a new twist to a very tried and true genre. If you want a fresher, lighter take on the big orientals, certainly give this a try. It is well done and smells great.

A strong, quite beautiful predominantly ambery rose ,tonka and wood - alittle syrupy and a whole lot of sweet - but in a good way . Has quite a presence.

First off, I'd like to disclose a couple thing. 1) I'm new at this. 2) I love most offerings from TDC. However, on the simplest terms...this reminds me of Old Spice + bergamot.

At first I was reluctant to sample "Oriental Lounge" because of the name. At work, sometimes heady, rich fragrances, such as are typical of "oriental" fragrances, can really overwhelm the people with whom I work. But, my fears were allayed, because Oriental Lounge didn't really strike me as a typical Oriental. And I can see that others who have reviewed it feel similarly as I do. My first thoughts upon spraying it were, "Hey! Nice!" I could smell something fruity (I guess that's the bergamot), something spicy (could that be the pepper?), and I swear something smelled sandalwood-y. Upon looking up the notes, I find "satinwood" listed. What the heck is "satinwood"? Well, in a wonderful interview of the perfumer Celine Ellena by graindemusc (see, she reveals that in a way, it *is* sandalwood. So I guess my nose is not completely off-kilter. All in all, it's a lovely spicy sandalwood fragrance. And I love spices and sandalwood. No patchouli! Thumbs up from me!

The Different Company Oriental LoungeI have not been as impressed with The Different Company and their nose Celine Ellena as I thought I would have been. I am a big fan of Sel De Vetiver but the rest of the line has just failed to make me sit up and take notice. For that reason I wasn't overly excited about the 2009 release, Oriental Lounge. Oriental Lounge is supposed to be Mme. Ellena's modern take on an oriental. This is a style of perfume that I like a lot and I was worried that this would be too light in tone to really be an oriental. That worry turns out to be the case as Oriental Lounge is a light airy amber-centric fragrance that I can't really call an oriental even though some of the classic bones of an oriental are present. On the other hand I found it to be a delightfully wearable amber that is surprisingly complex for its airiness.The top of Oriental Lounge begins with a mix of bergamot followed by a hint of pepper and the note that many will be talking about who try this, curry leaf. The curry leaf adds a green woody aspect that also has the hint of a metallic nature to it. This is never overwhelming but it is present throughout the development of Oriental Lounge and it add an air exoticism to it. The heart is a mix of semi-sweet boxwood and spicy rose, again layered so as to feel as if wafted in on a breeze. It is during this phase that I first detect the presence of amber and it starts off at a distance before growing in intensity. There is a wonderful moment in Oriental Lounge where the curry leaf and amber are in equal balance and that mix is very enjoyable. The base adds in tonka, to sweeten things up a bit, and labdanum to add a touch of resin.Oriental Lounge has excellent longevity for something as sheer as it is. The sillage is modest and that's what makes this so wearable in my opinion as most scents with this note list would be overpowering and Oriental Lounge is never that.Maybe I'm fooling myself by not thinking of Oriental Lounge as a true oriental because it doesn't have the strength of so many others of that class. I like Oriental Lounge a lot for being something less than oriental but at the same time something more.

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