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The Different Company (2009)

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Oriental Lounge by The Different Company

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The Different Company
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Oriental Lounge is a shared scent launched in 2009 by The Different Company

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Reviews of Oriental Lounge by The Different Company

There are 16 reviews of Oriental Lounge by The Different Company.

Water Serpents II BY Gustav Klimt

Mod, fresh, Célinesque,
This Hello Kitty amber,
Strobe-lite Opium.

This is what I wear when I would like to have a dimmer switch on my Tom Ford Amber Absolute.

Now, having said that, let me be clear that they are not the same scent - this is more feminine. I agree with other reviewers, which is what made me think this would be the amber I needed for "regular" wear. I would NOT have my husband wear this - it really does lean too feminine in my opinion, and I would not wish to smell this on a man.

I have no explanation looking at the notes listed as to why this should NOT work on a man, except it must be the way in which the notes/materials are blended. It's just light, and suggests womanly beauty...there is nothing here that even hints at masculine angles.

I'd like to wear this with a long green velvet gown.

Should have paid more attention to rogalal!
Blind bought this and and it is unisex if you use a very broad definition.
Very sweet and feminine, may have some similarities with one of the Chanel fragrances marketed to women. Will have to go through my wife's collection to verify.
Good quality, a little interesting touch of spice, but mostly sweet!

After revisiting my wife's fragrances, it indeed it is a 1st Cousin to Coco Chanel.
Smells better for the first 20 minutes, but does not have the legs of Coco which gives a solid 6-7 hours. If it had solid longevity I would recommend it highly to women. As it is, it is severely over priced for anyone.

Oriental Lounge by The Different Company is a beautiful sweet Oriental fragrance. From the first spray you can smell the amber and tonka. In the dry down it is a soft Oriental gourmand. The tonka really shines in the dry down. It is sweet, peppery, spicy, mysterious and alluring. I could picture Greta Garbo wearing this fragrance in Grand Hotel.

great take on the Oriental genre, solid sillage and good longevity..bergamot , tonka till an amber core for the final curtain, if you are into orientals this is a great one!

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