Organza Indécence 
Givenchy (1999)

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Organza Indécence by Givenchy

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A non-floral scent with notes of Cinnamon, Jacara Wood, Patchouli, Musk and Amber.

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Reviews of Organza Indécence by Givenchy

There are 43 reviews of Organza Indécence by Givenchy.

So much cinnamon! I love that. A bit woody, a bit resinous, a bit spicy. Cinnamon everywhere. Reminds me a bit of Kenzo Jungle - it has some of that fruity-spicy sweetness, but of course this is much more polite. Beautiful scent, sad that it was discontinued.

Would you kindly bring this back, Givenchy?

Sweet patchouli. Roasted wood chips. Slightly smoky. Plum-scented candles. Dark, sharp cinnamon. Becomes smooth, turning into a rather milky oriental. Most excellent amber, musk, and vanilla combination. This style / profile has been done to death, in recent years. OI, is one of the best. Maybe, one of the originals. This is glamorous, heady, and intoxicating. I've not tried the original Organza for comparison. Might have to now.

Later, musk and vanilla remain lovely on the skin.

The Original Formulation:

Wood and cinnamon - a lovely and creamy cinnamon rhat is a touch on the somber side - are the prominent constituents during the opening stage. The cinnamon - a bit like a cinnamon brioche - is less sublime that in, for instance Ambre Cannelle, my benchmark regarding this note, but is is a very nice cinnamon indeed.

The drydown adds added richness to the cinnamon in the form of a lovely vanilla note that has a touch of a subtly spicy dark rose aroma included at times. Later in the base a dark musk and a soft patchouli are present, but less convincing that the previous stages.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

A very delightful wintery first part, convincing and satisfying, but the base is more generic and dull compared with the rich and warm opening; the latter in its beauty is the reason for the - barely - positive score. 3/5.

It starts with a scent of cinnamon toothpicks (do they make those any more?) that was a little jarringly familiar, but not unpleasant.

It slowly faded to a soft cotton scent that was faintly like detergent and really one of the better fabric type notes I've seen.

Than it bloomed into that horrible powdery amber that drives me crazy -- like resinous amber needs to be tempered by baby powder to make it soft enough for girls -- but it stopped before it reached talcum powder levels and just stayed warm and soft, and grew on me. If cashmere smelled like how it feels this would be the scent.

I loved the original Organza. The only reason a bottle does not reside in my collection is that I found it too close to YSL's Opium, one of my very favorite orientals, to justify purchasing a bottle.

Organza Indecence I am experiencing from a sample of the vintage juice. The opening is a kaleidoscopic mixture of orange, vanilla, sandalwood and rose. This is slightly hurt by the detection of a sharp, unpleasant dry, bitter wood note. This must be the Jacara Wood. As the heart unfolds, the Jacara calms down and mellows, aided by the emergence of cinnamon and musk.

It is a buttery, thick, olaceous scent, reminiscent of inhaling generously buttered and syrup covered cinnamon French toast. So there is a gourmand quality to it for me.

As with all Givenchy scents I have sampled, it is strong -the firm does not stint in the quality or quantity of its oils - and on its own, a fine flanker to the original Organza. I can't see owning a bottle of both, so I do encourage you to get a sample of each and if you are so moved, to select one.

If you love orientals, both the original and the Indecence should be exerienced.

This exciting scent is a wonderfully feminine celebration of nature,with a sensual,seductive side.elegantly provocative and simply lovely. vanillic, oriental,passionate,feminine, sweet, warm and glamorous in a.dramatic bottle.

Patchouli blends with cinnamon,musk and amber for a voluptuous bouquet however vanilla is more prominent here. this mixture is comfortable and sensational like wrapping yourself in a nice cozy blanket whereas your lover pat your hair.It is not sweet in a cloying way and warms to a lovely veil of scent that lasts through the day.

ORGANZA INDECENCE is pretty heavy for daily use but great for a night out on the town or a Romantic night with your man. perfect for autumn/winter and a sophisticated lady.if you are looking for a gift for your wife,trust me it is worth it.

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