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Ore by Slumberhouse

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Ore is a shared scent launched in 2009 by Slumberhouse

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There are 34 reviews of Ore by Slumberhouse.

Ore 2022 test drive:

The new version of Ore: it smells like a powdery, authentic and natural dessert cacao with a big oak soaked with whisky influence and a woody drydown. I like it, but I have scents in my collection that do the same job and are cheaper (at least one, discontinued though). I can easily see why would people love this one though.

Intense cocoa, charred whiskey barrels, and dark woods with a sepia tone patina.

A swim with the caramel nettles
Flooded with dusky murk
Wish I could dream it again...

Ore is a resinous amber with a twist of cocoa, accentuated by sweet, woody notes.

Thick, oily, with good depth but not particularly complex or abstract; largely linear and gets monotonous after a while. While Ore smells attractive on a scent strip, it doesn't really work as perfume, coming across as rather one-dimensional and somewhat unfinished.

Duration is at over several hours, but it wears very close to skin.


I'm just going to restrain myself from using my entire sample today. Ignorance really can be bliss. This is so utterly beautiful. I'm getting caramel and whiskey and wood with just a bit of chocolate. I don't know how the above notes add up to this for me, but I've been in prolonged swoon all day.

What a disappointment after reading all the glowing reviews. This smells like cheap chocolate drink powder. Milk chocolate at that. It's not a particularly pleasant smell either.
I think people would find Dan Gilbert's Ted talk on the Surprising Science of Happiness interesting. In short : Once you make a choice and you minimise further options you get to like your choice more. Maybe this is so expensive that once people buy it they can't afford anything else. That can be the only explanation. In fact I am liking it more already!

Fragrance: 4.5/10
Projection: 8/10
Lonvevity: 9/10

Cocoa is mostly what I get from this; the longevity is excellent, and I like the opening. However, I don't perceive the boozy notes others have been written about. I like the cocoa, but this is a 'neutral' rating from me. I'm glad I tried it, but I wouldn't buy a bottle. Someone into gourmand scents may find this right up their alley, however.

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