Slumberhouse (2009)

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Reviews of Ore by Slumberhouse

There are 32 reviews of Ore by Slumberhouse.

Ore is a resinous amber with a twist of cocoa, accentuated by sweet, woody notes.

Thick, oily, with good depth but not particularly complex or abstract; largely linear and gets monotonous after a while. While Ore smells attractive on a scent strip, it doesn't really work as perfume, coming across as rather one-dimensional and somewhat unfinished.

Duration is at over several hours, but it wears very close to skin.

Jun 15, 2021

I'm just going to restrain myself from using my entire sample today. Ignorance really can be bliss. This is so utterly beautiful. I'm getting caramel and whiskey and wood with just a bit of chocolate. I don't know how the above notes add up to this for me, but I've been in prolonged swoon all day.
Dec 9, 2020

What a disappointment after reading all the glowing reviews. This smells like cheap chocolate drink powder. Milk chocolate at that. It's not a particularly pleasant smell either.
I think people would find Dan Gilbert's Ted talk on the Surprising Science of Happiness interesting. In short : Once you make a choice and you minimise further options you get to like your choice more. Maybe this is so expensive that once people buy it they can't afford anything else. That can be the only explanation. In fact I am liking it more already!

Fragrance: 4.5/10
Projection: 8/10
Lonvevity: 9/10
Jan 13, 2020

Cocoa is mostly what I get from this; the longevity is excellent, and I like the opening. However, I don't perceive the boozy notes others have been written about. I like the cocoa, but this is a 'neutral' rating from me. I'm glad I tried it, but I wouldn't buy a bottle. Someone into gourmand scents may find this right up their alley, however.
Jul 12, 2019

Boozy. Dark, old wood furniture that's never been painted or stained. Shoe polish smell, like old waxy, Kiwi brand polish in the little tin. Wood shavings on fire. Sillage seems to be "darker" than when smelled close to the skin. Becomes sweeter. Balsamic vinegar. Cocoa liqueur. Something spiced. Nutty confection accord. More smoky wood; almost a tobacco accord. Chocolate note lasts and lasts. Magnificent!
Oct 31, 2018

When I first put this on, I got such a strong boozy whiff – Brandy? Whiskey? – that I was surprised to find, when I checked the notes for this, that it was neither, and that in fact there is no booze at all in this. It settled rapidly though, and then I got lovely warm woody spice. There is something that makes me think of hippie shops – you know the ones, the shops that sell incense, ‘decorative' pipes (bongs), crystals, essential oils etc. And lest you think I'm being mean, I'm not – I love hippie shops. I love the smells, the funky jewellery, the clothes, all of it – I find them relaxing places to hang out, and that's how this perfume makes me feel. Relaxed and calm and chilled. I guess it depends on your skin chemistry – a lot of the reviews I've read seem to get a lot of chocolate from this. An hour in, I was still getting mostly the wood and balsam, with just the faintest hint of chocolate, with a lick of heat from the pepper and a touch of something herby and fresh and green, which I guess was from the clary sage. I like it though – it's a beauty, and the longevity is brilliant – 10 hours later I could still smell it.
Dec 31, 2017

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