Orchid Bloom fragrance notes

  • Head

    • red fruits
  • Heart

    • velvet orchid
  • Base

    • musk

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The top notes are listed as "red fruits", but I get a tart blackcurrant, with a sharpness that puts me in mind of those cheap men's sport scents from the seventies. This projects strongly (how typical for a note I detest!) for the first couple of hours, & then the fruit calms down, allowing the floral aspect to show itself. I don't know what a "velvet orchid" smells like, so I can't say how closely this resembles the real thing, but it comes over as a rather ordinary white flower accord. Four hours in it's much softer, & there's a laundry-type musk in the base, still going after fourteen hours.
This gets a thumbs down from me, not only because I dislike fruity florals, but also because it reeks of cheap synthetics poorly blended. Not recommended.
24th April 2019
A soft, musky floral skin scent. Subdued, dainty, has a muted sweetness. Has a slight powdery, child-like quality. It reminds me of scented drawer lining paper.
21st June 2017