Orcas fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Rosemary, Lime, Cedarwood, Fresh Ginger
  • Heart

    • Seaweed Oil, Clary Sage, Egyptian Geranium, Ambergris
  • Base

    • Seaweed Absolute, Blue Spruce Absolute, Cypress, Angelica

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Latest Reviews of Orcas

This is excellent. It is dry, herbal, invigorating and wears very well.
Starts with a very green lime and fresh ginger-root chord. Quickly overtaken by a powerful herbal melange, a bit reminiscent of the Slumberhouse style. The herbs (primarily rosemary and seaweed) give a bracing, salty-marine and coniferous blend that is very satisfying. Hints of silvery violet leaf reoccur. Substantial yet translucent. Everything is in a zen-like balance -- the scent is well crafted. Woody notes from the cedar appear in the early dry-down. There is a very intriguing, faint fishy note (from the ambergris). It suggests a very fresh salmon sashimi! Iodine/medicinal note, probably either from the seaweed or the vetiver. The final dry-down is cool and refreshing, like the strong breeze on a coastal cliff.
An intriguing, original scent.
27th February 2015
Wow, this is about as fresh and herbaceous as they come. I get a burst of rosemary, sage and deep coniferous spruce off the top. There's a marine note - but it's not a 'watery aquatic' that sheers everything out. It stands on its own two feet and contributes the the conversation. This scent was apparently inspired by the 'breathtaking scenery of the Wild Pacific Trail'. No doubt. It smells of the forest, the ocean and crisp clean air. I wouldn't call it unisex - it's a very outdoorsy masculine scent that would be very attractive on a guy (assuming you like the outdoorsy type).
22nd November 2012