Oranges and Lemons say the bells of St Clement's fragrance notes

  • Head

    • orange, lemon, bergamot, mandarin
  • Heart

    • neroli, petitgrain, earl grey tea
  • Base

    • ylang ylang, vetiver

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Heeley calls …St. Clement's, "A traditional Eau de Cologne translated into a chic, contemporary, fresh, English Eau de Parfum."

I'd say it's most if not all of what Heeley claims for it: a traditional and fresh EdC rendered particularly English with the Earl Grey tea note, a smidgen of vetiver, and a (thankfully) light hand with the neroli.

Now, how chic, contemporary, or "translated" it is, I don't know; it's not so very different from the centuries-old formula on which it's based, and which holds up so well to this day, so I think of it more as timeless. With so many variations (current and vintage) on that theme available at a wide range of price points, do you really need this niche rendition? That's not my call. I will say Heeley's version smells marvelous, and one could certainly do much worse.

If your ideal EdC leans orange but stays crisp, you should give …St. Clement's a try.
12th April 2022
Yes, citrus, of course. A typical citrus blend. Not overly exciting. It is, what it is. A slight herbal tinge underneath. Early Gray moves in. Nearly bitter. Minute florals.

The mixed charms of petitgrain arise, tame the citrus vibe somewhat... Slows down to a crawl with citrus fading away. Still a hint of herbal things, with a hint of vetiver. I get no ylang ylang at all. Safe, for most environments, especially the workplace. Stodgy.
29th February 2020

At first spray, this smells like a typical EDC type frag, fresh citrus but not much more-- five minutes later I start to get a lovely "fresh" note that keeps going-- likely the tea notes. I would get a full bottle if I didn't already have several Eau de Cologne frags that are just as good. Great summer scent.
15th March 2019
A soapy citrus fragrance that gives you what the name says. But for the price, you should get more IMO. Nothing special about this one. Pretty safe....too safe. When I read the notes I expected better. Decent summer fragrance. 7/10
19th July 2018
Edited Review:

Oranges and Lemons say the Bells of St. Clemens smells more like a fruit flavored sugared kids cereal than any other citrus based opening I've smelled yet and I really like it. It’s very nice, but it also disappears rapidly, and when I say rapidly, I mean within 5 minutes it has lost more than half of it's presence. It literally went from having sillage to being a close skin scent in 5 minutes on my skin. I’d love to have a bottle if I could get it on the cheap because I love the smell of this one, but based on the terrible longevity I don’t want to pay the asking price.
7th April 2017
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