Orange Sapphire fragrance notes

  • Head

    • red orange, grapefruit, sicilian bergamot, mandarin, davana, cassis, raspberry, peach
  • Heart

    • jasmine, orange blossom, magnolia, orchid, freesia, lily of the valley
  • Base

    • musk, patchouli, vetiver

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Loved the lotion. The edt? Not so much.

When the gorgeous burst of tangerine left (maybe after 10 minutes), I was left with a heavy musk that had no trace of citrus whatsoever. The lotion, on the other hand left behind lovely hints of slightly spiced (just a whisper of clove?) tangerine/vetiver.

In general, I seem to have better luck with BBW's bath products than their proper fragrances.
23rd May 2017
Orange Sapphire is a great citrus fragrance.Should've been properly marketed as a shared scent.
If the fragrance was a stage play the citrus top notes would be your A list headliners. The remaining top notes would be bit /background characters that usually don't tend to have proper names in the script (something like Second Flower Bundler on My Fair Lady). The florals would be small parts but fairly memorable ( the housekeeper and maids). The basenotes would also be somewhat memorable parts ( Mr. Doolittle ,Eliza's drunken Welsh father) without which the fragrance/play wouldn't be the same.

Primarily the citrus and basenotes are dominant. As with most BBW scents longevity depends on how much and where you spray. I layer the shower gel, triple moisture body cream,and around fifteen - twenty sprays of the edt . I spray about four to chest/neck areas and three or four to crook of arms/ wrists. I also spray my hair ( mid back length ) and after eight hours or more the hair will still retain the scent . The skin application spots will be faint when layered imperceptible if not layered.
This scent reminds me of the Orange Julius beverage place at the mall or orange pumice soap my dad uses to degrease. It also recalls Angel Innocent to some extent. If you like this scent and see it - stock up! BBW discontinued it so it's only available online or for their semi annual sales( maybe - if you're lucky). BBW tends to do that though , they keep the stuff that smells as if it should be hummingbird feeder water,and discontinue the more intriguing scents.
28th May 2014