Orange-Cannelle fragrance notes

    • orange, amalfi lemon, mandarin, cinnamon, benzoin, vanilla

Latest Reviews of Orange-Cannelle

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One of the smoothest orange scents I've encountered. The cinnamon is very subdued and warm. I found it to be quite long-lasting, something I was not prepared for. These single-note scents from Molinard are so affordable and high-quality. They are like some very good industry perfume bases (AKA "specialties") that have been prepared into EDT strength products. They work so well for layering and creating personal fragrances. I prefer them by far to the Jo Malone collection which are made to be used in a similar fashion.
8th February 2010
Nothing complicated here. If you've ever sniffed a pomander ball - an orange studded with cloves and then left to dry - you've got this fragrance pretty well figured out, though the cinnamon is slightly less piquant than clove might be. This is a clean, clear scent that requires quite a lot of application if you expect it to radiate beyond your immediate personal space. And luckily, unlike many fragrances that prominently include cinnamon, this has none of the rash-inducing qualities that often result from that particular note (at least on me, and my skin tends to be fairly sensitive to such things.) There is something masculine about this, too; I really feel it would smell better on a man. It has a slightly bracing about it.
8th September 2005