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Penhaligon's (1976)

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Orange Blossom by Penhaligon's

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Orange Blossom is a women's perfume launched in 1976 by Penhaligon's

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Reviews of Orange Blossom by Penhaligon's

There are 6 reviews of Orange Blossom by Penhaligon's.

Orange Blossom is a comforting scent for me that creates an aura of calm. It has a creamy neroli and soft white floral opening. The drydown turns a bit more like sandalwood. I love Orange Blossom for before bed or when I want a tranquil feeling around me.

I don't think I could ever truly dislike an orange blossom perfume. The raw material is so glorious that it's pretty hard to mess it up.

In this Penhaligon's version of the classic recipe, the orange blossom is there, smelling amazing, topped with a traditional eau mix of orange and bergamot and kitchen herbs, while a honeyed petitgrain creates a burnished wood smell that's strong enough to outshine the orange blossom.

When faced with a well-worn mix like this, I have to ask what Penhaligon's does to make it different, and I think it's that burnished wood. It makes this more masculine than your typical orange blossom perfume. I can see how that may be a draw, but it's not my taste - I prefer my orange blossom florid and upfront. I'm still voting thumbs up, but this isn't my personal favorite.

I have to say I really like this fragrance, even though the first hit is really quite astringent - the orange and lemon combo blast is almost overwhelming and the pink pepper tingles the nose.

Those top notes died away fairly quickly. I got a strong waft of tart crisp greens like cut grass and new leaf (possibly the cedar coming through?) before the scent settled down on my skin leaving a really lovely, warming and spicy orange with herby undertones.

I have to admit my thoughts on this scent were probably swayed a bit by the lingering base notes of Annick Goutal's Encens Flamboyant, a strong true incense fragrance which I had on my neck already. Penhaligon's Orange Blossom was on my inner wrist - and when I brought it to my face to smell the dry down, the combination of both was extremely pleasing to the nose; Encens delivering a smokey base to the warm orange spices of the Penhaligon.

I can't detect any "candy" notes, but then it does seem to be a great match to my skin type, as the scent melts in with a soft orange hum. If I have any negatives, it would be the poor sillage - considering the cost of the bottle, I would have expected it to deliver a lot more. It's almost non existent unless someone comes in close to my skin.

Its final notes remind me of hot mediterranean summers, the smell of sun bleached grass and orange trees. I can't stop breathing it in, its just a lovely summer scent.

A sweetish orange-blossom/vanilla combo with a subtle floral accord. Nice if you like the genre but far from being a standout.

This is only the second Penahaligon's scent I have given a thumbs down to- the first was their Extract of Limes, another Anthology return.

First of all, the scent is far removed from the gentle scent of orange blossoms in bloom (and why neroli, which is orange blossom, is listed in addition to orange blossom as an ingredient has me stumped - don't they know it's the same thing?). It is sticky sweet, over the top, yucky candy. Caswell-Massey had an identical scent, Helio, which they discontinued, thankfully, in the early 1980s.

This is what you would expect the lipstick, powder and scent of a nineteenth century woman of the streets to wear - it smells cheap and gaudy and nauseating. Why either Penhaligon's or Caswell created it in the first place is beyond me. Why Penhaligon's chose to revive it must remain one of the unsolved riddles of life.

This is just awful, putrid stuff. One of the worst scents I have ever experienced.

Many scents are described as soft, but few actually convey the sensation of resting your head on a floating pillow of immaculately-shaped petals. Penhaligon's Orange Blossom - the latest release in their 'Anthology' line of reissues, put together by Bertrand Duchaufour - is just such a fragrance: a quiet, verdant little cushion. Eschewing the eponymous ingredient's animalic tones, the opening opts for a blanket of gentle white buds, not unlike last year's much-praised Amaranthine. Citrus notes peer through and more traditional florals - mainly rose and jasmine - are allowed a moment to shine as well, although they too are kept elegantly pearly. Finally, the smoky woodiness of petitgrain is just permitted to hover in the background, brushing the whole with a wisp of richness. On paper, the effect is much sharper and more citrusy, so a combination of fabric and skin application is probably the way to go with this one, but regardless of how you choose to wear it - and despite the fact, that strictly speaking, it should have a different mame - you'll most likely enjoy the tender halo it creates around you.

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