Opus VII 
Amouage (2013)

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Reviews of Opus VII by Amouage

There are 22 reviews of Opus VII by Amouage.

In sample bottle, smells a bit screamwoody. On skin: oh, horrid horrid horrid!! Galbanum green woody onset gets a pickle edge then goes within five minutes to hot cumin, like Indian food. It’s hot cumin and wood. Ten more minutes and it’s cumin, hot plastic and screamwood. Scream stays low and suede/leather comes in and smells really nice, but it’s still heavily cumined and obscured by that. Overall really really really not for me. If you like cumin, pickle wood, or the chemical aroma of rubbing alcohol, this is a must try.
Nov 25, 2021

Smells like a 'man' in my opinion. Since I am a man this works out great for me. It almost smells like a piece of meat cooking over a fire in the woods.

I love it.
Mar 22, 2021

As far as I know, Frederic Malle's French Lover (aka Bois d'Orage) was the first fragrance to discover that galbanum + incense + woods = dark smoke, a neat trick that derives much of its enjoyment from edging right up to the line between pleasureable and uncomfortable. I would not be surprised if the brief for Opus VII was "French Lover, but better." And better it is - it's truly striking, whereas FL to my nose doesn't quite feel fully worked out.

In Opus VII, the vetiver base of FL is replaced by a complex mixture of pretty much every single spice or woody base that exists. The emergent scent is dark, charred wood smoke, bitter and pungent but somehow deeply satisfying. The Opus range is my favorite collection of perfumes and this is an excellent exemplar of the line.
Feb 2, 2019

I enjoyed the initial spicy mix of Opus VII, leading to a mellower amber–patchouli touched with smoldering oud, atop smooth sandalwood.

The sexy black bottle alone is a draw to me! Opus VII, IMO, can be worn by either gender comfortably. Interesting and wearable niche collector fragrance.
Aug 14, 2018

This one and opus 6 are the best of Amouage 's scent. Remember me M7 ,the Great ,Morillas loves vintage ? Very nice masculin scent ,galbanum,leather ,sintetic oud ,but good.
Feb 19, 2018

I compared this to FM French Lover for it's use of galbanum, but in Opus VII, galbanum is much more prominent and green. If nothing else, this fragrance is interesting! The cardamom cuts the overpowering green opening and gives it a little edge, to my nose that is. The fenugreek in the notes list might add to that. I also get a mint like quality to the opening as well. Below that I smell the Amouage soup of rich ambers, incense, and woods that I can never quite pick out clearly. Personally, this is not one that I'd buy a full bottle or even a decant. If you like odd super green fragrances then this might be worth a try.
Jun 8, 2017

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