Opus IX 
Amouage (2015)

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Opus IX by Amouage

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Fragrance House
Pierre Negrin
Christopher Chong
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Part of the 'Library' collection. Opus IX was Inspired by Giuseppe Verdi’s opera 'La Traviata'.

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Reviews of Opus IX by Amouage

There are 7 reviews of Opus IX by Amouage.

Loaded with jasmine, really animalic with presence of ambergris + leather + civet. Floral duty thereafter served handily by camellia, not a common note in masculine fragrances.

I think Opus IX is better for ladies than men. Watch not to overapply, as this one can become overwhelming!

Opus IX is strange done with great confidence – all but a knowledgeable few will be a bit bewildered by the array of unfamiliar aromachemicals deployed here, not quite knowing what their nose is smelling. Opus IX is to smell what a hall of mirrors is to sight.
The main theme here is jasmine and quite a special one at that, carrying with it the particular fresh, tinged with green, yet syrupy sweet quality of jasmine buds. A supporting player is black pepper which creeps up like a panther – so beware if you go heavy on the sprayer (as I once did), you could be flattened.
But around this duo of naturals is an array of odours that remind me of things that have next to none – lacquered nails, false eyelashes, fake fur. These are things of the body I suppose but without its warmth and familiarity – a denatured muskiness. So there are accents that come across as highly glossy, others that can be described as faux-leather – enough to remind one of the thing but still not quite, not quite. This is a heavy perfume at this stage yet pumped full of air.
Is this how you turn what is essentially a jasmine-led perfume into the aimed-for fantasy camellia? Well, assigning a made up scent to a strikingly beautiful flower that has none may be a worthwhile artistic endeavour but whether your audience will ‘get' it is another matter entirely. Disregarding that, there's enough here to intrigue, particularly if you care for novelty, but it doesn't win me over. Plus it loses all complexity past the 3-4 hour mark, turning into a thin, plasticky jasmine.

A very witchi hauting fragrance that is very animalic and rich, kind of like a potion brewed up in a witch store. If you like your civet to be well behaved this will work very well for you. It's a lion romas about like a tamed house pet and a civet cat is playfully present. It draws you in and puts you under a spell. It's a potent, sensuous and woody oriental fragrance. At first it smells more masculine quality subsides and ultimately you arrive at a base of jasmine, leather mixed with civet. Heady, spicy, opulent, oriental, animalic, musky and woody.

At first the perfume is floral, spicy wood, then the dry down smells more spicy wood powder. The opening is heady and like a 80s's powerhouse then as time goes on the jasmine softening it a bit while the leather and civet whill still very much present, mellow out a bit. It needs one spray at the chest from a long distance or at the back of your neck.not for everyday not for every occssion it's a evening scent.try on skin before purchase, this one reacts strongly to body chemistry. Nice but I am not impressed with it.

Hmm...interesting. I actually like it quite a lot. It reminds me of JOY - with a floral-civet combo. But this is louder than JOY and jasmine-civet is in the front. There may be other notes such as a bit of rose and wood and even leather, but they hide behind the explosion of jasmine-civet. 'Camelia' is just a concept with no reality to it.

I like it! It has character and enormous sillage. This is no wimpy fragrance.

I am not sure if it is really unisex or leans towards feminine or even the masculine spectrum. Try for yourself and find out.

Far too feminine to me. Rose, lily, orchid and more flowers. Good quality and long lasting, but does not fit me.

Starts out as a jasmine bomb. Calms down to a light wood with a hint of amber. Unisex, but leans slightly more to a feminine fragrance. This fragrance is an animalistic floral that a daring woman will love. 6/10

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