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Unum (2015)

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Opus 1144 by Unum

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Opus 1144 is a shared scent launched in 2015 by Unum

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Reviews of Opus 1144 by Unum

There are 10 reviews of Opus 1144 by Unum.

Claudia Cardinale,wearing a beautiful white victorian dress, powdering her nose and applying her lipistick,feather boa,silver shoes and all.in "The Leopard". Very surreal and fantasy like.i also picture Smashing Pumpkins Tonight, Tonight when i smell this.so classy and stereotypically delicate,dainty and feminine.very comforting, while deeply elegant and rich.for those who are not familiar with classic perfumery,this is unique. for lovers of vintages,this fragrance sets wearer into another world definitely classics of the 20th country.

There are lots of citrus and balsam in the opening.then a gently sweet,powdery iris beauty with enormous depth and slight leathery and woody spiciness. cloud of powdery iris and orchid covers lazy flowers composition. life goes slow, there is no point in hurrying.you are here and now in your own world.it feels like a stormy summer night.the sky is starting to darken,there is rain and lightening and thunder.or like a romantic night,it's intimate and slightly vulnerable, like a whisperd secret between Claudia Cardinale and Alain Delon.totally sadness and beauty blended in a bottle.

A very comfortable perfume which reminds me of Kismet and Shalimar.
The difference being Kismet is more dense because of the opoponax and Shalimar has a prominent leather note, while the leather in Opus 1144 is buried far in the background .
I must have bought the reformulation, because it does not at all feel dark to me.
Luckily I do not mind, I love this perfume; it could be my go-to for every day, summer to winter and back to summer again.
It feels like an airy lighthearted oriental, caused by the prominent bergamot and the iris.

Highly recommended.

Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? by Paul Gauguin

I'm reminded of baby-wipes somehow while wearing this! I wore it yesterday and sat at lunch, feeling very ladylike as I ate my lunch. I had heard of its greatness in all its reviewers words, and had to have a go at it. It's strong enough, but not masculine enough for me. Anyway, had a sample, dabbled it on, went out for lunch prepared to make my next Unum purchase, but alas, can't give it a thumbs-down, but can't wear it, so a neutral one it is. It never evolved into a darker, more settled wear.

Quite a sexy scent here! This reminds me a little bit of Musc Ravageur, but I feel I like this better. Like a white cashmere sweater for the cold winter months…and one to wear when you are looking for some “Mommy and Daddy” time!;) It's opening is a bit confusing, with the mandarin and bergamot giving you a hint of citrus, but the dry down presents the musk, vanilla, amber and sandalwood. Lasts quite a long time, with decent projection. Thumbs up! Quite luxurious!

The opening is bright and sparkling, slightly sweet with light floral notes. The dark, somber notes begin to come through, and that's where this scent comes into its own. Quite a contemplative scent and one I will actively seek out again.

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