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Opoponax by Santa Maria Novella

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Opoponax is a women's perfume by Santa Maria Novella

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Reviews of Opoponax by Santa Maria Novella

There are 7 reviews of Opoponax by Santa Maria Novella.

The odour of old paint, varnish and shellac. Rooms full of expensive furniture. Wonderful, and eminently wearable even if you are not a painter and decorator.

I refer however to the original SMN opoponax, a treasured sample of which I have from 2007. Disappointingly they have now reformulated it, keeping the name but the fragrance is a bland affair with little or no opoponax as far as I can tell. If you are after this sort of resinous odour you now have to go to something like Comme des Garcons Avignon or Laurel. These are however a pale shadow of the original SMN opoponax and I can only hope they bring it back, if it is still legal.

Resinous, fresh, spicy, clean. An amazing fragrance in my opinion...just amazing. Opoponax feels natural, and real. I put this on, and felt like I "naturally" smelled really good.

Like I had stumbled upon something that occurred in nature and put it on my skin. A pocket of resin in a tree that I scooped out on my fingers and brought up to my nose, eyes widening and a smile spreading across my face. "This, this is what I want to smell like,"and I rubbed it on my chest, then my jaw line and wrists.

Okay, back to the real world. Seriously though, I'm thankful that Grungevig introduced me to it, and that SMN makes this wonderful fragrance. I will now enjoy it for as long as it is produced. Bravisimo!

Like Potpourri, SMN Opoponax is truly a scent from another era -- it is powerful and suggests different sensibilities and perspectives. For that reason alone, I admire this scent.
It is a complex scent: dry, aromatic, very powerful, at times dry in a resinous dark-green manner and at other times somewhat sweet. There are smoky notes reminiscent of Russian Caravan tea, and other dusky notes which suggest celery leaves or old books in a library. The celery-leaf aspect deepens in the dry-down to a hay-like note.
Quite an experience, and quite beautiful. It takes verve to wear it.

Get your oppoponax fix here – bright, sharp and true without the overdose of sweets that other perfumers feel compelled to use with this note.
Starts with a short citric burst, after which the myrrh cuts its clean unwavering furrow. Some saltiness, a bit like sweat, a bit like fenugreek, accompanies but it seems like just another facet of the main oppoponax note and doesn't disturb.
A bit on the simple side, but great to perk up a dull, rainy day, or to just clear those sinuses. Longevity is only 2-3 hours.

For the life of me I cannot imagine a woman smelling that way and being considered feminine by straight men!All in all this is a wonderful scent. My first SMN, which I bought from an ordinary pharmacy in Athens, Greece. You see in Athens this is the only place you can find SMN products. An ordinary pharmacy in a posh suburb. Now this is madness.Back to the scent, I detect a bitter citrus in the opening which remains as a soapy basenote throughout the life of this scent on my skin. But instead of being a fresh citrus, it is bitter and thick to the nose. Soon a leathery accord takes over with a deep discrete herbal tone that reminds me of the harshness of fenugreek.Absolutely masculine, quirky, hard to like probably, bordering the animalic, has a very acceptable longevity on my skin.I wonder how it will be like layerd with something on the opposite side of the bitter-sweet spectrum..... (Obsession and Daim Blond come to my mind.....)

Very, very interesting fragrance. I can't honestly tell you that I know what pure opoponax is supposed to smell like, but I know that I like this. Initially harsh and bitter, it lightens up over about an hour, becoming a musky, rubbery fragrance with a hint at herbal notes if you dig your nose into your skin. There is no sweetness, citrus, or wood accompaniment. Opopnax stays close to the skin, but I have a feeling that it would be more than a skin scent with a healthy application. As mentioned in supermarky's review, this would make an excellent layering component if you need to cut the sweetness off of something. It would also be excellent by itself as a discrete and very different rubbery/herbal fragrance.I love SMN more with every fragrance I try.

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