Opium Fleur de Shanghai 
Yves Saint Laurent (2005)


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Reviews of Opium Fleur de Shanghai by Yves Saint Laurent

What a beautiful,wonderful variation of the original Opium. Opium was my Mom's signature scent. It always reminds me of her. Since this used to be "her" fragrance, I never wore Opium myself, even though I adore it.

Then I found this really great deal on Opium Fleur de Shanghai on ebay. Bought it blindly...and, OMG, how I love it!
It is absolutely stunning. It has all the wonderful,deep Opium qualities, but is a force on its own. I love it. It is fresher,younger. I am so happy that I've found this.
Nov 12, 2011

It took me a day or two to "get" this fragrance. I bought a small sample, and on first application, I wasn't exactly thrilled, but definitely intrigued. BUT the next morning, I smelled a faint trace of it on my clothes and thought it was absolutely intoxicating. It's everything you appreciate about the original Opium, but more demure and with a subtle sweetness the original lacks. Very disappointed this is only a limited edition - I plan to stockpile this beauty. Next to try is the Imperiale...
Feb 19, 2007

I have no particular affection for spices in my fragrances, but in an effort to smell beyond comfortable boundaries and partake in spicy talk here on wonderful basenotes, I got a sample of Opium Fleur de Shanghai (aka Opium for beginners or Opium with training wheels).My first trial was a nose-wrinkling experience--ick, spices. My second sampling was more rational as I tried not to shy away from the notes. The wonderful mandarin gave me a starting point, and I began to take baby steps into the heart of the fragrance. A few reapplications later, and I can say I'm warming up to the myrrh, although the carnation's clove-like note will never be a favorite.
Oct 28, 2006

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