Open fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Amalfi lemon, bergamot, lavender
  • Heart

    • sage, thyme
  • Base

    • patchouli, vetiver, tobacco

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I have big love for Roger and Gallet Open; it has all the elements that make me swoon. The somewhat aldehydic opening redolent with aromatics, including notable sage and thyme, that merge with a tobacco note that is completely devoid of gratuitous sweetness, reminiscent of Burley leaves. There is a texture to it that is nearly agrestic, sort of a countryside flair that I also pick up from the likes of other winners such as Aramis Devin and Hermes Rocabar.

It's sensible yet complex; it certainly isn't modern, but who's counting anyway? This is a fragrance for the ages, my friends.

Its elegance and form belies its shockingly low price tag: price to quality ratio is astonishing. When discovering stunning fragrances such as these, it really puts it all into perspective. It brings light to the pretensions, the pomp and circumstance of frag culture. We put value on the commodity, the illusion of opulence and aspiration that is tied to a hefty price tag, and we often lose sight of our own judgments and discretion. It's much like wine culture and other fineries, the bait and switch for those who don't discern without clear reference points will mistake a bottle of Two Buck Chuck for Château d'Yquem. Are we really reading with our own senses, or are we relying on others to qualify and quantify? Discernment means breaking down those illusions and really drinking in with the senses and making a personal assessment. It's why there are fragrance enthusiasts who refuse to confine to tight, neat tribes of 'niche,' 'designer,' and the like; they refuse to use price and prestige as a gauge; they know the spice of life no matter what the provenance of price tag. This is wisdom, and Open, aptly-named, is testament to that.
8th March 2022
Great value fragrance. When I first wore it, I was slightly dubious as it felt a little overbearing. Then, I wore it for a long walk through the woods on a cold day with my family and I just loved it. It's a spicy, tobacco scent. Darker and less sweet than Havana (another one of my favourites) and lasts a full day with a beautiful drydown.
6th April 2021

Yes it's true. Every fragrance mentioned in all of these reviews combined into one.

It lasts all day into part of the next.

It's spicy
It's tobacco... don't forget the lavender.

....beautiful lavender in here, but the elbows poking your side distract you from it.

So pay attention.

Men under 40 need not apply.

Wearing this one is a calling for sure.

That's my take but what do I know....


don't forget the lavender
3rd December 2020

Roger & Gallet OPEN belongs not only in the Cheapie Hall of Fame ($19 bucks!), but also as an honorable mention in the 80's masculine swagger tobacco scents hall. 

Men's fragrance aficionados of stalwarts Polo, Quorum, Jacomo de Jacomo, and Tsar will revel in OPEN so wear with confidence!

4 stars. 
30th September 2020
A creamy limoncello-style Amalfi lemon introduces this soapy fougere, which is anchored by a tremendously realistic, dirty cigar tobacco note. Even in present-day form, it all smells very well put-together in a way that its peers from the time don't.

Comparisons to Jacomo de Jacomo and Havana are justified, though I'll confess I find it a touch less satisfying than either (it lacks the green edge of vintage Jacomo and the complexity of Havana), but that tobacco note is certainly one of the truest tobacco notes I've ever encountered.
21st March 2020

This fragrance has a base of lavender combined with a warm and smooth duo of amber and nutmeg. This is a spicy and kind of sweet soap smell that makes me think of Pears Original Soap (the transparent deep orange bar).As the soap mellows I get a blurry green structure of pine and moss or herbs with the tobacco present.

Open reminds me a lot of Quorum. But it's drier from not having any citrus in comparison to said fragrance. The spice in it also gives something old-fashioned about it that makes it seem like it predated Quorum actually. 2-3 sprays and 10-12 hours of moderate projection...this is obviously still powerhouse strength.

27th November 2019
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