Only The Brave 
Diesel (2009)

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Only The Brave by Diesel

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Only The Brave is a men's fragrance launched in 2009 by Diesel

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Reviews of Only The Brave by Diesel

There are 74 reviews of Only The Brave by Diesel.

It is my signature scent. Perfect for the fall, winter and spring. The ladies love it. Huge compliment getter. Perfect for a young man in his 20s.

Some really apposite insights from previous reviewers. So much depends upon the wearer and the context here. Someone wrote that while not critically acclaimed, or indeed acclaimable, it's a good choice as a present for a young lad receiving their first proper fragrance. That was exactly my son's (13) experience at Christmas, and although I would not wear OTB myself, it suits him down to the ground.

We took the chance earlier to try an olfactory test. We correctly identified leather, amber, cedar, labdanum, and lemon. It's notable that the base notes are easily discerned. The top is a bit of a mess and I can't say I would isolate the supposed citrus and aromatic notes. The "single accord affect" is evident here, whereby you seem to get everything at once.

There's worse out there, and it's bold and kind of endearing in a sweet and brainless way. It suits the wearer in my household, and as that's the point, it gets a thumbs up from me.

Pepper and caramel.

I managed to acquire a 4.2oz of this for $35 from a pharmacy that was closing down. I've always wanted to try Only The Brave and have been curious about it's bottle this was a blind-buy.

I get a sharp and dry opening of the lemon and cedar. Synthetic green apple and a slight watery note like a sport scent. This gets sweet as the amber becomes more present and mixing with the apple it reminds one of a caramel apple and then mellows out. This gains leather, a hint of violet, and that cedar/lemon sharpness lingers. This fragrance is fairly dry and also warm from the amber. I'd say this is a summer evening and fall scent for office and casual wear.

Only The Brave is a decent scent, the problem is it smells cheap by design. This smells like it could easily be a Thallium or Penguin fragrance. If I blind bought this at $50-$60 I'd be pissed and give it a thumbs down. I'd recommend this only when it becomes a budget fragrance.

My girlfriend and daughter both love this one me. I'm kind of neutral on it myself... My girlfriend originally gave me my first bottle of OTB as a gift. Years later when I wear it she'll randomly text me some days saying that when she woke up she could still smell me there (in a good way). It's one of the few fragrances I own that the people who I care most about seem to genuinely like.

One thing I would like to point out in a few of these negative reviews... They say my girlfriend or wife "gave this to me to wear." That indicates that someone else probably likes it...even if it's not your favorite. My definition of "good" doesn't always seem to be the same as how the rest of the world defines it.

Bright, sweet and fresh but harshly synthetic. Makes me think of Millesime Imperial with the sparkling fruit notes and musky notes but this is no substitute for MI.

Has decent projection and should be nice for those around you, so maybe expect some compliments. The sweetness is formidable to the point of being cloying, so be careful with how many sprays you apply.

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