One Man Show 
Jacques Bogart (1980)

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One Man Show by Jacques Bogart

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One Man Show is a men's fragrance launched in 1980 by Jacques Bogart

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Reviews of One Man Show by Jacques Bogart

There are 72 reviews of One Man Show by Jacques Bogart.

Absolutely love it. Very masculine woody pine scent with spices, jasmine, vetiver, rose, patchouli I can even pick up the germanium in this one ! Definitely a strong cologne so be careful with this one I'd recommend 3 sprays max. I love how this smells different than everything else out on the market these days it's good to get away from all the sweet citrus smelling colognes out now.

One Man Show is a parade of contrasts, a olfactory feast, and it is my go-to comfort fragrance that I will often spray on just before I go to bed. To my mind, this is the early 80s in a bottle. It's masculine and sharp but also welcoming and nurturing. The opening has a touch of sweetness that quickly evaporates into something incredibly dry. It is inexpensive, yet it somehow smells rich. I'd wear this more if I was a banker, I think, someone who is keen to find value and who has no time for nonsense. Get to the point. Say what you mean. Even the bottle is practical, yet stylized. One Man Show is the less pretentious cousin of Polo. You get far more than you pay for in a bottle of One Man Show.

Excellent with time and proper (very light) application, choking and cloying if overdone. My first time, I sprayed one spray about 6 inches above my forearm and let the mist settle. Even with that, I had at least a 6 foot projection for about 3.5 hours, and it was just straight out-of-the-bottle fragrance. At that point, however, it fades to a mostly-personal fragrance and becomes a warm, woodsy, almost-oriental spicy scent. As the other reviews say, a very masculine scent, but at the right amount/time, surprisingly and delightfully complex while still being approachable.

I have since made my own personal decant so that I can apply a single dot of this to my skin, and it works perfectly. As a fall/winter scent, the bottle should last for the rest of my life, at about 1 cent per usage! Well done!

Only one spray under the shirt, it smells wonderful. On exposed skin, or more than one spray, it's very difficult to like because it will smell very strong and industrial. Worn correctly, it's a beautiful masculine scent that performs all day long.

I've said it before, and I'll said it again. Bogart is the best value in men's colognes. They have beast performance, smell totally unique from almost anything else, super masculine, and the price is a steal. I have a bunch of Bogart's colognes and I like most of them and LOVE several. My faves is OMS and Signature. Having that said, it's not for the timid. Many women don't like it. And girly boys will think it smells like Raid. This is an alpha scent for "I don't gaf kind" kind of dudes. It's not for guys that wear what women like to smell... flowery, baked goods, or soapy.

One Man Show is my all times fav. Smells beautifully in the afternoon. Galbanum and Jasmine stays longer than 5 hours. OMS is cheap perfume but beats all other expensive ones.

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