One Love fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, lemon, violet leaf, mimosa, saffron
  • Heart

    • iris, lilac, magnolia
  • Base

    • woods, vetiver, oakmoss, ambrette seed

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It´s breathtakingly beautiful. The first times I tried One Love, I was put off by the citrus in the opening. But this one you have to give time, after the opening stage it reveals the secret that lies beneath. Perfection! Yellow, floral, sensuous.

The mimosa here is an almondy, child-like, soft, cucumber-ish floral. The magnolia discreetly brightens it up, a touch of rose and violet leaf freshen it up. I get a hint of powdery iris later on. This bouquet is as hazy and dreamlike as it is unusual. As it dries down, soft, quiet woody notes emerge. The remnants of the floral heart remain until it fades, becoming a sweet, musky skin scent.

Overall it is a gorgeous and unique composition. It is a very personal scent. It performs really well for what it wants to showcase. Somehow it embodies to me a soul that is good-hearted and kind, but is lonely and misunderstood.
14th June 2023