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Vero Profumo (2010)

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Onda Eau de Parfum by Vero Profumo

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Onda Eau de Parfum is a shared scent launched in 2010 by Vero Profumo

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Reviews of Onda Eau de Parfum by Vero Profumo

There are 10 reviews of Onda Eau de Parfum by Vero Profumo.

I finally got a sample of this lost scent and now I can see why it has the people so divided. It is a strange beast of a fragrance.

In my humble opinion, your preference FOR or AGAINST this perfume will depend entirely upon how much time you've spent in and around port-o-potties(or Honey Pots as we like to call them in the music festival biz). As a long suffering sap who spent summers on the Warped Tour, the association is inescapable. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this stinks like @$&#. No. The association is with a fresh pot, when we'd all wait around for them to cut the zip-ties and let us get in before they were spoiled. Ahhh, the virgin pots, how we adored them. But I digress.

This perfume has arresting, bright topnotes and deep, sweet hay/grass note over a powdery patchouli in the drydown.

So where's the terror come in? It's in the moment where the coriander, lemon and passionfruit are just barely sticking around, dancing over the top of the honey, ylang and iris that starts to feel harsh and animalistic... when the bitter grass of vetiver peeks its head out for the first time, it smells like the heavy sanitation chemicals sent in to destroy all possible offending odors of the body.

It's a shame that this scent spends such a long time in this middle phase, since the top and bottom are both lovely on their own.

I've got to give it to Vero Kern. She had guts. I could never go neutral on a scent with guts.

A dark sinister aldehydic animalistic citrus opening blast...immediately made me think of Bogue...this smells like it could nestle right in between Cologne Reloaded and MAAI...bitter herbs tempered with a touch of honey...as a big fan of animalic blasts from the past, I am thrilled that there are perfumers crafting nostalgic brews such as this....has a slightly piercing minty like nose feel...get an intense flower flavored vetiver...a little spice , a little herb...great mix...there's a hyper-modern industrial edge bringing this classic structure forward...lurking far down in the base I detect something inky/plasticy/asphalty...adds to the edginess and mystique of this somwhat exotic and mysterious brew...definitely also has an aura of the erotic.. but brings to mind something more along the lines of S & M...woody and leathery nuances...little bits and pieces bring all sorts of associations...a liitle bit of Kouros...a slight touch of Macassar...a winner in my book...from time to time the citrus makes a misty appearance...

Monsters frighten us for the way they tell us about ourselves. Don't doubt it, Onda is a monster. Vero Kern plucks specific and unexpected descriptors from each of her component pieces. Vetiver (salt lick), passionfruit (floral rot), ginger (sand-paper), honey (musky sharpness),woods (dust). Using these disparate pieces Kern composes a perfectly poised perfume that I could never have dreamed of. It's not simply coherent, implying that the the odd bits have been smoothed over. It's right, as if it reveals something important that I hadn't considered. It should look like Frankenstein's monster; torso from one body, head from another, limbs from a few others. We should notice the ill-fit and coarse seems. It should be awkward if not uncomfortable. But it is in fact perfect.

So, with my biases hanging out and my eyes a little glazed, Onda.

I turn to the artist not to reassure me of what I already know or believe, but for the unexpected. Wearing Onda gives me a detachment from normalcy that I could just kiss. It's hallucinatory. It's the scent of an angel, who, on getting up after a hard fall, adjusts his powdered wig and his jockstrap with delicately gloved hands before digging through the soil to harvest pickled citrus fruit. Fantasy and synesthesia in a bottle.

Abstraction is a tool for reducing components to the properties that the artist find most important. Kern recognizes properties that another artist might not. For all the outrageousness of this composition, it feels comfortable, like the way that a vivid dream can have a bizarre narrative while feeling perfectly normal. While Onda brings to mind a trippy angel it also also simply smells like skin and motion. There's an expression that pops into my head unsummoned when I wear Onda. "The sins of the flesh." This expression, like Kern's perfume, ties together desire, fear, exposure and release into one experience. To pay Kern a high complement, her perfume is gorgeously, magnificently queer. Kern shows the difference between prettiness and beauty and prettiness starts to seem beside the point.

from scenthurdle.com

As if someone has attempted to use insect repellent to cover up the smell of something very bad indeed. Disgusting.

I was sent a sample of this by a friend, and to my delight, I now get to smell what so many of you have been talking about. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to figure out if your nose agrees with what the reviewers say. So, eager to start testing, I sprayed a small amount of Onda on the back of my right hand as we were heading out to the shops today. Wife - not a perfumista - sniffed and recoiled: "That's an ASSAULT on the nose!"
Me: "It's a very expensive perfume by an indie perfumer."
Wife: "And people BUY it?""
Me: "Yes, for $200."
Wife: "What, are they buying it without smelling it or something? Why would anyone buy that once they've smelled it?"

Onda opens with an overpowering Pine Toilet Duck note with an undercurrent of sweaty butt crack. It moves to industrial air freshener and stays there. I walked past a public toilet a supermarket today, and for a split second, I wasn't sure if the waft of Industrial Pine and Lemon was my hand or the toilet (it was actually the toilet, though the fragrance wafting out of there was an improvement on Onda). Once worn for a few hours, the scent remaining on the skin is what I imagine the soiled, sweaty knickers of an industrial cleaning lady would smell like after a hard day's work.

If you've always wanted to wear functional fragrances as perfumes, and like a honeyed unwashed crotch note lurking underneath, this will be your dream come true.
This fragrance is the best example I know to date for demonstrating that ingredients do not a perfume make. The work is akin to someone taking truffles, grass-fed veal and the finest red wine in the world to make a gourmet bolognese, only to drown it in discount brand ketchup.

Onda Edp opens with a very brief and somewhat subtle bergamot and citron tandem before quickly moving to its early heart. Upon reaching the early heart the early citrus quickly dies, replaced by a powerful animalic and floral-like passion fruit and slightly sweet honey tandem that dominates, supported by clay-like coriander spice. During the late dry-down the composition turns even more animalic as a strong leather and musk-laced vetiver begins to dominate, as the passion fruit and relatively dry honey slip into a supporting role. Projection is excellent and longevity outstanding at 15+ hours on skin.

Onda EdP is touted by many as easier to wear than the original extrait. That said, I think while it is indeed different smelling early-on it is no less aggressive and challenging, just in a different way. The EdP composition substitutes passion fruit and honey used early-on in a very innovative way featuring the combination's more animalic and floral facets, and at times it even could almost be mistaken for dulled dark rose. That combination may be a lighter way of transitioning to the leathery musk-laced vetiver driven base of the original extrait but it is no less challenging and interesting, just different. The real question is which challenging aspects of Onda you prefer since lighter or darker transitions, neither composition compromises and can be equally polarizing... and fascinating. The bottom line is Onda Edp at $200 per 50ml bottle is far from inexpensive and is not going to appeal to the "crowd pleaser" crowd in all likelihood, but Vero Kern's outstanding skill coupled by the use of top-notch ingredients make this composition every bit as good as the extrait but different enough to justify owning both, earning an "excellent" to "near-masterpiece" rating of 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5 and a very strong recommendation.

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