Once Upon a Time pour Homme fragrance notes

    • nutmeg, ginger, coriander, vetiver, cedarwood, labdanum

Latest Reviews of Once Upon a Time pour Homme

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Being a fan of Ladanum, Veviter and Ginger-I have used this from my husbands personal collection. I love the the spicy intricacy of the fragrance and definitely a evening fragrance.
7th June 2012
A semi-sweet, lightly-spiced, woody musk with a lemony top. To me it strongly evokes the smell of clean laundry after using fabric softener and tumble-dryer sheets. A nice scent but a little bloodless for my usual taste. Very safe; ideal for nervous office newbies, meeting his/her parents for the first time and court appearances as defendant. Longevity very good, sillage average.
21st May 2012

Woody, and mysterious - for being a Kenzo fragrence - Changes character alot. Starts out with a spicy character, then goes more into wood, and the end note is soft and sweet. It's an evening fragrence for sure. Heavier than the other Kenzos i've tried.
15th May 2011
Interesting smell, projection is good, longevity as well, it's definitely better than some of the scents released in 2010 a.g Hugo Boss bottled Night, which in my opinion has ONLY achieved success due to good marketing campaign + good looking guy, but the scent itself is pretty much ordinary.
This Kenzo, is definitely NOT ground braking stuff, nevertheless could not at all be considered as a mistake , I will recommend it to be used on Fall, evening use, ABSOLUTELY NOT for the Office!! as the scent It's bit dark, woody and some what mysterious...
12th January 2011
Soft scent, has Kenzo PH vibe but they're not the same and it is a bit dark scent. Very decent and a bit spicy. I wouldn't rush to buy it, but I wouldn't discard it if I got it as a gift. Longevity is ok, projection is somewhat limited.
7th December 2010