Once Upon a Time pour Femme fragrance notes

    • peony, freesia, amber, sandalwood, musk

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First off I'd just like to mention how beautiful this bottle is. The intense teal colour along with the fascinating, wallpaper designs are really eye-catching. I have a feeling this fragrance will sell well based on the bottle itself.

The fragrance is equally as fascinating to me as the bottle. It opens with a clean and powdery rose and magnolia blend, being rather refreshing and Summery.

Further through its development, Kenzo Once Upon A Time shows a slightly spicier side, making it a touch oriental. Despite the spices being present, please don't think that this fragrance is anything like YSL's Opium or CK's Obsession, they are in two different leagues. This is a pleasant, refreshing and subtle hint of spice only there to compliment the delicate floral accords.

After this initial flowery and spicy burst, the scent merges into a musky and ambery base, a little conventional, but still pleasant nonetheless. With the mass of Summer fragrances being released this time of year, it's nice to discover one, like Once Upon A Time that doesn't rely too heavily on citrus to make a refreshing statement.
4th April 2012
This is a wonderful unisex counterpart to the mens (also very unisex). Spicy, woody warmth with a blast of peony! Absolutely gorgeous! This sell like niche scent, reminds me of L'Artisan POIVRE PIQUANT. It is on sale in Debenhams as Kenzo Signature for some reason. Now at £24:50. I bought 2. This is outstanding!!!!
4th October 2011