On A Clear Day You Can See Forever fragrance notes

    • hyacinth, daffodil, crocus, tulip, narcissus, jonquil

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This one went on my test list in 2017, when Robin's review on Now Smell This caught my eye. The listed notes of hyacinth, daffodil, crocus, tulip, narcissus & jonquil, described as smelling "like spring bulbs blooming just after a light rain", appealed to my love of springtime, & of gardening. As Robin notes, this does have the wet soil note that Mr Brosius used to such great effect in Black March, but here it's less redolent of a cold, wet winter. lt's as if the soil has had time to warm up a little, so the impression is gentler & more akin to the petrichor note found in Demeter's Dirt. lt takes a few minutes for the floral notes to appear, with hyacinth probably the most prominent, but it's much less green, sharp or floral than l expected. The projection is low as you might expect for a "water perfume", it's fading fast only one hour in, & gone not long after.

Like spring itself, the beauty of this perfume is elusive & fleeting. While l'm slightly disappointed, my wallet is relieved. lf l were to spend my hard-earned cash on something like this, l'd get a bottle of Dirt, which is far less expensive, more complex & much longer-lasting.
11th July 2023