Reviews of Omnia Crystalline by Bulgari

A somewhat milky floral. The bamboo and tea notes are brief in their appearance. It has a musky finish. A light, summery perfume.
29th October 2017
A pleasant commencement based on a citrus base, more lemony on my skin, that has a fruity component admixed to it. After the first minutes it is enriched with a white floral drydown, and the whole is a typical summer offering.

Whilst hitherto it was already a bit generic and synthetic, the base is a musky-woodsy soup straight from the chemistry lab, and is mega-generic and ultra-synthetic.

The sillage is moderate, the projection good and the longevity five six hours on my skin.

Frequent re-applications are needed and then it is a pleasant warm-weather scent - avoiding the base. 2.75/5.
2nd October 2016

It seems unfair to to judge this scent as lacking in character since "neutral" is exactly what it aims for.
After a hint of citrus I can detect the Nashi fruit early on - both it's light fresh taste and crushed ice texture are translated well. I'm not aware of a bamboo scent, but this fragrance portrays it well with its quiet low-key wood notes.

Generally I mostly enjoy more full-one fragrances. Maybe that's exactly why I like this as a break from them. In humid weather, or when I'm working on one of my head colds this is also perfect - fragrant but quiet.

For all that, I find it very long-lasting. It doesn't project very far, but on the skin it lasts many hours.

I've also found it to be the perfect counterpart for my husband's Armani White, much more so than Armani's own female counterpart. Just to clarify, I don't care which gender something is marketed to, but White only smells "right" on him. But I'm delighted to get a close enough fix with Crystalline.

25th December 2014
Prior comments about this Omnia scent being front-loaded are spot on. This is an uncomplicated scent and not bad by any measure, but it's really unexciting. If you like a simple pink-n-powder frag, OC could be a daily office piece. Soft fruits which quit the party after the first hour, followed by a soft wood and orris combo, and nothing else. If you want much the same with more depth, try CK Truth for Women.
7th January 2014
I think Omnia Crystaline is a great example of a toploaded perfume, one where all the work and budget went into making the first 30 minutes smell great, while just letting things go to hell after that.

True to this, the topnotes are fantastic. There's a berry note that smells like when you put fresh raspberries in a blender to make a sauce. And there are some pretty but non-distinct flowers underneath, while a powdery soapy buzz hovers on top. If this sounds questionable, it's not. The perfumey buzz is just perfect, making the whole thing feel like a fuzzy pink cashmere sweater, while the fruit is realistic and sweet without smelling immature or dumb.

Unfortunately, it all just sort of falls apart. Everything mixes together into a weird soapy fruit shampoo smell, which is eventually joined by that weird Windex/overly-chlorinated-pool smell that's synonymous with cheap men's aquatics. Really?!?

It's not terrible and those topnotes are really good, so I'd never fault anyone for liking this, but this is the sort of scent that makes me feel jaded.
17th December 2013
This is my favorite summer scent. I have found it very hard to pin down but it is not too floral, not too sweet, not too green. Sometimes it is easier to say what this is not then what it is which is beautiful from start to finish.
10th December 2012
Fortunately I bought a very small "tester" bottle on this. It was nice when I first put it on, but by the time I left the mall I knew I had made a mistake. It smelled like strong hairspray and cleaning chemicals with a touch of cat pee. Sat the bottle behind the toilet in my bathroom and used it as an air freshener. I've never had a fragrance do such a 360 degree on me before.
4th September 2012
It's definitely not for me. At first it comes off a bit strong, metallic...but soon after it's actually light and fruity...the pear is really distinct.
9th March 2012
Is it too insulting to call Crystalline an inoffensive scent? I don't dislike it, but I don't find much there to make me say "wow" or to reach for the bottle in preference to others I like better.
It makes sense that it's designed for the Far Eastern market; I got mine secondhand at a Japan Relief fundraising party in Tokyo. So someone else wasn't that impressed either.
To me, it smells as if someone has tried amazingly hard to make the perfect perfume for a Japanese salaryman's wife, one that won't offend anyone, is polite and genteel and pleasing and goes by almost unnoticed.
Before I'd read about the notes s contains, I'd have said sweet orange to start with, followed by synthetic flowers of no particular variety and a really light wood. I guess balsa wood is a light as you can get, but I've no idea what it smells like. Nashi fruit is a pear that looks like an apple, but I don't pick up either of those; the bamboo in my garden smells only lightly of green, general purpose plant. It's hardly known for its defining aroma, is it?
So I'd sum up Crystalline as a light, airy, pale perfume that fades into the background and prefers not to challenge the status quo.
10th November 2011
This fragrance for me was very different after I spent the day smelling many fragrances that were partcularly 'perfumey'. Omnia Crystalline is more watery than anything. It's refreshing, light and oceanic.

I'll start by saying that floral aquatics don't suit my skin chemistry nor my personality, but with that being said, I can appreciate them and in some instances, I do rather like them.

I'm on the fence in regards to Omnia Crystalline. It opened nicely on my skin with a delicious pear note and watery lotus, however the tea note is particularly strong which doesn't agree with my nose.

Throughout the transformation on the skin, Omnia Crystalline becomes ever so slightly soapy and clean. I must admit that if this fragrance was overwhelming or heavy I'd probably detest it, but in this case, seeming that it is so delicate and light, it is very pleasant.

The lasting strength is pretty good, excellent for such a light scent. The warm weather I've heard really brings out the beauty of this fragrance. I'll be interested to see how it fairs in Summer at the end of this year.

5th July 2011
Omnia Crystalline is extremely popular here in Seoul, along with Omnia Jade and Omnia Amethyst. (Quick research reveals that these fragrances were designed for the Asian market specifically, and Crystalline was #1 in sales in South Korea and Japan.) I decided to try it out on a recent evening walk that took me past a cosmetics shop, and I spent the whole way home sniffing myself, seeing how the fragrance developed. I didn't like the opening particularly--the nashi pear smelled kind of foggy and funky in the beginning, reinforcing my dislike for anything pear (except actual pears.) In the drydown, Crystalline was extremely clean and sheer, a unisex watery floral, but--as other reviewers have noted--not an extremely full-bodied scent. It didn't captivate me, particularly. Though it wasn't offensive in any way, it was just so light and clean that it smelled more like it belonged in a shampoo or deodorant.
2nd May 2011
Omnia Crystal & Shi (Sung) are among the few florals that I can wear before they go sickly on me. Both are very light fragrances that just become me ... not offensive, not obtrusive, clean, light, simple. I like it very much ... went through one bottle in about 6 months, which is very rare for me. I will be getting another very soon. Not one of my top 5 but definitely in my rotation.
28th April 2010
VERY strange stuff! Highly ethereal, yet wildly persistent and somehow cloying in that modern 'clean' way. I like it a lot for five minutes, but then I'm so so sick of it, and it will not LEAVE! I can't say a word on notes, I can't seem to pick up what this is meant to be doing on my skin. I love original Omnia, but this scares me. The smell seems like some industrial fluid that smells surprisingly pleasant, yet is clearly toxic and straaaaaange.
7th December 2009
Mmmmm, this is fresh and fruity, but dries up warm. I thinkt this is a very pleasant smell! Not heavy, not offensive but really good when you want to smell fresh. Also good for summers. It doesn't last very long (EdT), but it does make me feel happy. Very well done.
17th December 2008
Omnia Crystalline is a transparent and neutral floral aquatic. It has an unassumingly clean character that I can appreciate, but that's about as far as my appreciation goes. I find it thin… it lacks breadth… it has limited movements… it is the tiniest bit metallic. It's not at all bad, though, and if I hadn't tested Omnia previously, I probably would be giving this a thumbs up, too. But I know how good Omnia is, and to my nose, this one just doesn't come up to the standards of set by its progenitor. Omnia Crystal has a light sillage and good longevity.
22nd November 2008
Fresh and clean. Being EdT strength, I thought I'd take a shot at wearing this myself. I would consider this unisex. Works very well. If you are familiar with Jack Black Signature Blue Mark, it smells incredibly similar to Omnia Crystalline. Heck, even Acqua di Gio smells similar, but Monia C isn't as cologny. Bulgari's tea note is still here but it's subtler like in Bulgari pH Extreme. Very, very nice.
10th November 2008
I'm not a big fan. I think it's too powdery smelling for me. I'm new at analyzing scents, so I don't have a more sophisticated way to say "Reminds me of my grandma." However, after reading these glowing reviews above, I'm going to wear it one more time and see if I can pinpoint what it is I don't like about it.
16th October 2008
After smelling so many perfume tester that I had (and got headache because of it), I never thought I would fall for this perfume. But yes, I am. It's all that I want. A not so strong perfume, not too powdery or too feminime, and yet smell so nice that you want to smell your wrist over and over again.It's quite classy, simple, and absolutely beautiful. Perfect for daily work at the office without annoying your co-workers.
16th November 2007
So lovely and clean smelling. My boyfriend bought this for me. Initially I wasnt so keen as I prefer sweeter scents but it is so beautiful and pleasant I wear it all the time, especially for office wear.
18th October 2007
Simply lovely and one that I reach for often in the spring and summer. It's clean and fresh with a hint of floral. Very easy to wear however, it only lasts a few hours on me.
24th June 2007
Absolutely divine. Omnia Crystalline is possibly the most delightful green/citrus/floral fragrance I've found yet. It achieves what Bulgari's Green Tea and White Tea could never quite reach--presence, sillage, and delicacy with a pleasant bite. I don't find this scent sweet at all; rather, to my nose, it is crisp, clean, prismatic, oddly reminiscent of lemon-mint Italian ice (though neither lemon nor mint is included among its notes). Crystalline's notes: bamboo, Japanese pear, lotus flower and balsa wood. This is a full-bottle worthy scent if ever there were one.
22nd January 2007
A fresh floral/oriental from one of my favorite fragrance houses! Lotus blossom, nashi pear, bamboo, balsa wood and amber notes...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good! This mix is bright & light with excellent staying power. It's easy on the flowers, seamlessly blended, classy too! I'd call this one a 'head turner'. Lots of complements received when wearing this fine fragrance. Would make a lovely introduction into the world of Bulgari scents!
4th January 2007