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Tom Ford (2018)

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Ombré Leather by Tom Ford

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Ombré Leather is a shared scent launched in 2018 by Tom Ford

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Reviews of Ombré Leather by Tom Ford

There are 33 reviews of Ombré Leather by Tom Ford.

Edit: If you like strong leather scents without much else, you may like this. Ironically, it is somewhat hurt by its excellent longevity, because the "leather, leather, leather" drumbeat that is nice at 2 hours gets tiring at 8 hours. I really want to like this more, but I don't see much utility for this unless I layer it with something else; and you shouldn't have to do that with a niche fragrance in the $250 price range. Some people compare wearing this to wearing a leather jacket or sitting on leather seats, but this is much stronger and more animalic that those prosaic images.
It appears that many women are repelled by the scent (watch the curly fragrance blind smell test where 11 out of 12 women on the street reacted violently to this). This is the kind of fragrance that you wear primarily for yourself.

I give this a neutral because it is a good version of what it is, though what it is is pretty limited.

Really?!? Really....

OK, so pretty much every niche brand and downmarket Middle Eastern perfumery has copied Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather by now, so much so that it's become the definitive, ubiquitous modern leather perfume recipe. So, in what's either a shameless ploy or an example of brilliant post-modernism, Tom has copied everyone who copied him and released his own downscale version of Tuscan Leather.

In terms of differences, Ombré replaces TL's signature cherry topnote with minty greens, and while Ombré has decent longevity, it lacks the nuclear strength and staying power of its father.

I'm giving this a thumbs up (even though I'm a bit ashamed) because this is a well-worn formula which I enjoy, but I'm still confused why this needs to exist.

This leather-forward scent leans fresh and clean. The overall performance could be better for an EDP.

Fragrance In Three Words: new leather wallet

This is in the affordable range of Tom Ford fragrances and delivers on performance lasting a good 7 hours on skin with big projection if oversprayed.

Starts off with a smooth leather similar to the fresh smell you get when you take a new leather wallet out of a box. I get a slightly spicy, slightly herbal aroma, maybe cardamom and although not listed as a note I get pepper. Has a cloying amber haze that lingers, similar to Rouge Avignon.

This is a sexy clubbing scent at its heart. It stands out by using quality expensive aromachemicals from Giurvadan and being more obscure than say Y or Invictus. Value wise at around £120 for 100ml with discounters offering it for around £100 it is good value, but for similar money I would rather buy L'instant De Guerlain or Terre De Hermes.

Scores 7 out of 10.
Source: official carded sample from rep.

The leather greets me from the start. It is quite a balanced leather, partly smooth, partly a bit harsher, with a restrained smoky undertone. A dark-ish patchouli seems to be a main component of this opening phase.

Soon a slight green and woodsy jasmine impression develops, adding a slightly softer element, which is counterbalanced by and equally gentle spic cardamom. The latter combines with an ambery white moss, and all three result in quite a sweet-and-spicy impression and unusual aroma, that lingers for the second half of the development of this olfactory journey.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and nine hour of longevity on my skin.

Much less loud than Tuscan leather of the same house,
this autumnal creation is a nice, fairly discreet but rather characterful leather scent. The second half is a bit bland. 3/5

The opening is a combo of caradamom and jasmine - the uplifting sweet spice note of cardamom doing the tango with the sweet florals of jasmine. This inviting unisex intro slowly morphs to a heart of earthy, slightly pungent note of leather which is well tempered by a dash of amber to keep things light, airy and a bit on the sweet/floral side.

Overall, a decent, easy to wear leather fragrance. More of a millenial/genX leather than a rugged 60s marlboro man leather frag.

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