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Tom Ford (2018)

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Ombré Leather by Tom Ford

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Reviews of Ombré Leather by Tom Ford

There are 31 reviews of Ombré Leather by Tom Ford.

This leather-forward scent leans fresh and clean. The overall performance could be better for an EDP.

Fragrance In Three Words: new leather wallet

This is in the affordable range of Tom Ford fragrances and delivers on performance lasting a good 7 hours on skin with big projection if oversprayed.

Starts off with a smooth leather similar to the fresh smell you get when you take a new leather wallet out of a box. I get a slightly spicy, slightly herbal aroma, maybe cardamom and although not listed as a note I get pepper. Has a cloying amber haze that lingers, similar to Rouge Avignon.

This is a sexy clubbing scent at its heart. It stands out by using quality expensive aromachemicals from Giurvadan and being more obscure than say Y or Invictus. Value wise at around £120 for 100ml with discounters offering it for around £100 it is good value, but for similar money I would rather buy L'instant De Guerlain or Terre De Hermes.

Scores 7 out of 10.
Source: official carded sample from rep.

The leather greets me from the start. It is quite a balanced leather, partly smooth, partly a bit harsher, with a restrained smoky undertone. A dark-ish patchouli seems to be a main component of this opening phase.

Soon a slight green and woodsy jasmine impression develops, adding a slightly softer element, which is counterbalanced by and equally gentle spic cardamom. The latter combines with an ambery white moss, and all three result in quite a sweet-and-spicy impression and unusual aroma, that lingers for the second half of the development of this olfactory journey.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and nine hour of longevity on my skin.

Much less loud than Tuscan leather of the same house,
this autumnal creation is a nice, fairly discreet but rather characterful leather scent. The second half is a bit bland. 3/5

The opening is a combo of caradamom and jasmine - the uplifting sweet spice note of cardamom doing the tango with the sweet florals of jasmine. This inviting unisex intro slowly morphs to a heart of earthy, slightly pungent note of leather which is well tempered by a dash of amber to keep things light, airy and a bit on the sweet/floral side.

Overall, a decent, easy to wear leather fragrance. More of a millenial/genX leather than a rugged 60s marlboro man leather frag.

The glamorous Merlene Dietrich stars in The Devil is a Woman.a moody and outlandish tribute to feminine caprice.masked and veiled,glimpsed through eleborate gates and screens,she wears a strapless black evening dress with a lace wrap and long lace gloves,cigarette holder.what made she so iconic were not only her stuning looks,but also her bold style. aside from her bold lip colours,thin eyebrows,and deep eyeshadows.she is a figure of unattainable ambiguity and arbitrary cruelty.there are flickers of wit through her false eyelashes as she seals a man's fate with the words "i've changed my mind".

A rich,intoxicating leather scent.addicting,exhilarating and the epitome of luxury and excessive has an air of sophistication but also an effortless's smart,dark and sexy.reminiscent in attitude of a black leather biker's jacket and a cigarette.patchouli is an intelligent and self-respecting gentleman but he's nevertheless helpless to free himself from the narcotic effect off her physical's leather that's combined with the perfect amount of retro glamour for a animalic, mysterious and seductive can smell masculine and can behave feminine when applied on warmer and oilier's absolutely unisex.extremely addictive with great sillage and longevity.

A good portion of my adolescence was spent in racing and touring leathers. Ombré Leather does indeed smell like smooth leather to me (as opposed to suede) plus some sweet florals, as if I had a broken in riding jacket that had picked up some dried down Metallique. Olfactory memories are amazing. So strong was the association, for me, it triggered the remembrance of the sweat, shampoo, and plastic-metallic factory smell inside my helmet. Pretty cool. Ombré Leather gets two thumbs up for that.

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