Ombre de Hyacinth fragrance notes

    • hyacinth, galbanum, violet leaf, magnolia, pink pepper, jasmine, benzoin

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Latest Reviews of Ombre de Hyacinth

She might have one dress, but that dress is always pressed and clean and tidy. That's what this scent reminds me of. Class without any need to flaunt or be excessive. Class from the inside. It has a vintage vibe and i could imagine a mature lady loving this. A delicate combination of perfectly green, slightly sweet and soapy galbanum. ODH reminds me in a way of Serge Lutens Bas de Soie, no so much in scent but in feel.

It has very green, almost botanic opening. The heart is rich, yet not overwhelming floral. Simple, mild soapy, floral here is not scret. That fresh green galbanum note added with the beautiful violet leaf, musk, floral accords give this the most beautiful aromatic green, fresh aroma which really lingers around you for hour's. Lush green notes made sharper by the hyacinth. This is an intimate scent, not sexy but a hint of more to come.
13th June 2021
I've enjoyed getting to know Ombre de Hyacinth - it's pleasantly complicated, but in a way where all the parts work together.

It goes on smelling like Chanel No 19, that signature mix of soapy galbanum and vetiver, simultaneously sharp and green and smoothly rich. It quickly goes floral, with a mix of abstract rose, honeyed acacia, and hairspray aldehydes that passes for hyacinth or lilac (by the base, once the honey is firmly in place, there's a striking similarity to En Passant). Meanwhile, there's also a neroli component, smelling like bright citrus on top and going more floral and green over time.

It's fascinating to sniff, all the components standing out, but held together by the soapy white musk, like a perfect layering of No 19, En Passant, and Irish Spring soap that starts off hyper-clean and gets more animalic and honeyed over time. On a good day, it's sublime, while on a bad day, when it all melts together to smell like posh soap, it isn't bad either. Thumbs up!
5th September 2018

The sweet, aldehydic floral opening quickly turns green & crisp, like a fresh spring morning, complete with hints of leaves & stems, earth & wood. After an hour, it settles into a cool, green, spring floral with a mentholated feel. There's magnolia in the heart, & a sweet benzoin in the base. The projection & longevity are slightly better here than in Jonquille de Nuit & Lys Fume.
This is by far my favourite of the three "twisted florals" that l tried, & the only one for me that truly delivers what it promised. Had l the funds, l would seriously consider getting a bottle.
30th March 2014
Deliciously earthy like walking through woodlands after a stormWow this is an interesting scent for me. Like others I do really get a earthy, rootlike, woody smell , which does remind me of a walk through wild woodland. But I do pick up a slightly burnt caramel touch after about 2 minutes. Blends well with the hyacinth heart but for me there is for sure sweetness. I find this just so intriguing and interesting to wear and sniff. After 10 minutes I get much more wood and still this caramel hyacinth. Maybe it is my skin type but I just have to say its a rather heady addictive smell that you grow to love rather than fall in love with instantly. The more I smell it the more interesting it becomes. And I don't think it is linear. I think it has a great progression and after 30 mins now the sweetness fades and I get more earthy woody and resinous notes coming though.Pros: a scent to gradually fall in love with and becomes quite strangely addictive.Cons: The opening floral notes are a little too intense for me but soon settle down"
17th September 2013
If you like FM French lover you may like this one as well, its fool of green, raw notes, galbanum and violet leaves, i is not too complex perfume, rather simple composition ideal for summer, is female version of French lover, those red peppers are much more subtle, and it reminded me of one part of odalisque, that white floral part.
27th April 2013
The hyacinth top note is convincing: rich, nuanced and playing with several aspects if this flower. Ibget good magnolia in the drydown, with a nice touch of jasmine and a minute touch if spice - no sickening floral sweetness at all. It is more of a balanced, dryish but rounded scent. Alas, like in many TF products, this beautiful opening loses a lot in the drydown, but after the second hour a nice greenish garden impression with a touch of stem-like woodiness becomes stronger, and this last to give it a decent longevity of over four hours on me. Although projection and silage are limited, overall this makes it a positive score. An unusual scent.
31st March 2013
Green, fresh, slightly bitter. Very masterfully blended and in my oppinion the most masculine one from the Jardin Noir collection. The hyacinth here is presented in 3D - flower, stem and roots with soil attached to it. It would be perfect for a springtime or whenever you feel like having a "Twisted Floral" on.
2nd November 2012
On first sniff this smelled very green and rooty like smelling the roots of a plant that has been plucked from the earth. It's fresh and gets quite floral and the mixture of the earthy greeness and floral aspects makes this smell like a green house full of flowery and green aromas.

I have to say this smells interesting and you can tell a lot of thought went into creating this as it's complex and the different notes seem to play off each other in a garden like harmony.

To sum up a really nice mix of fresh green rooty plant like smelling notes coupled with flowery florals that makes you think of gardens & green houses full of plants and flowers. Nicely done.
26th October 2012