Strangers Parfumerie (2018)

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Oliver by Strangers Parfumerie

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There are 2 reviews of Oliver by Strangers Parfumerie.

Nice fresh opening, but sadly, it fades down a fresh skin scent with nothing of any special value. It feels as though there are too many notes playing at the same time.

Sampling Strangers Parfumerie Oliver, which primarily has a citrus/floral blend at the center—clean, fresh, slightly sweet. This has a lengthy note list but I get a mix of magnolia, mint, sea salt, grapefruit, pink pepper, oakmoss, olive, petitigrain, sandalwood, and “clean shirt.” It’s quite multifaceted, a lot of outdoorsy vibes with something restrained, with the clean linen shirt vibe bringing me back indoors after a minty opening. Overall, it’s a very agreeable medley without jumping off the page, genre-wise, except it’s so clearly expertly blended, a virtual symphony of notes all harmonizing so well, yielding a highly versatile, year-round concept that would work just as well relaxing as out and about, trying to impress.

A staple sort of unisex signature scent that’s quite a departure from the other freshie, the sweet & tart Yuzu Soda, which I tried yesterday, and its’ great to have another warm-weather-friendly option from this house that I continue to be very impressed by. Certainly this doesn’t perform as well as some of the heavier gourmands but it’s still pretty sturdy, in my opinion.

Oliver has the line’s standard EDP pricing, at $80 for 30ml, and is sold by Luckyscent and Indiescents.

8 out of 10

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