Cire Trudon (2017)

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Olim represents the vanity and emotion of a royal era. Powdery notes touch on beauty; spices evoke decadence and resins hint towards opulence. Olim refers to a form of purity with an underlying richness.

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Reviews of Olim by Cire Trudon

Olim opens with the cool mineral touch of myrrh, earthy, dust-like patchouli and bright bergamot. A bit powdery, even prickly, but still polished and well-mannered like all the other Trudon debut perfumes.

The spices soon join in, and the fragrance turns warmer with their presence. I can smell some fuzzy pepper and the fleshly spiciness of clove (nothing sharp or metallic on my skin), but the most prominent among them, is the herbal, bittersweet anise. The anise turns slightly deeper and a bit candied with time, and its liquorice-like smell makes a smooth liaison between the balsamic myrrh and other spices. They're blended in such an organic way that they smell like different facets of Olim instead of individual parts sitting side by side.

About 3 hours in, the benzoin flows into the mix with its delicious woody-vanilla sweetness, while the spices retreat to the sidelines except for the mild cinnamon-clove facet which is also present in benzoin. The benzoin brings out a subtle caramlised smoky woodiness alongside the balsamic myrrh, but it's more resinous than sweet, and serves to smoothen the spices and patchouli and deepens the composition as well.

From then on, Olim more or less remains this way until the end. It has moderate sillage, but surprisingly doesn't smell heavy to me. The longevity is around 11 hours on me.

So far, I'm very impressed by the debut collection of Trudon. They're all more or less linear and refined, but there're many incremental changes and subtle twiests to engage interest and avoids being redundant. And Olim embodies this general rule perfectly. The spices, especially anise, are lightweight and warm, which makes an ideal transition from the slightly prickly opening to the cozy dry down. If you happen to be looking for an autumn-winter, spicy oriental fragrances, I'd definitely recommend giving Olim a try.
Dec 8, 2017

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