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Olibanum by Profumum

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Olibanum is a shared scent by Profumum

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There are 20 reviews of Olibanum by Profumum.

Quite wonderful! Olibanum skips the high-pitched lime peel notes of most renditions and focuses almost entirely on the material's rooty, medicinal sootiness. There are some very fine Omani frankincense varieties, like Hojari, that display a soft creamy-tangy orange note up top instead of the usual lime leaf, and this is what Profumum has cleverly chosen to mimic here with its brief splash of orange in the topnotes.

Rather than resin, I get the impression of dark, shiny, polished woods - an ancient armoire maybe, carved from a single trunk of pine felled in some cold North clime. It smells like what I'd imagine that that almost ebony-black wenge smells like - the hidden underbelly of wood, closest to the core, where no light penetrates. A particularly mineralic, earthy myrrh deepens this impression.

Mmmmmmmm...smelling this brings mucho pleasure and enjoyment to my nose...incense smoke flavored with myrhh blowing through a fresh pine forest...get a resin smell like sap from freshly cut pine...a tiny bit of that incense turpentine flavor...not your typical fresh and creamy sandalwood...more of a down and dirty slighty singed sandalwood...a dark gothy incense fragrance...not a churchy incense in my book...more like something in the air surrouning a circle of robed and hooded mystics sitting around a campfire in a forest performing a ritual that veers more to the dark side of things...a wonderfull member of the incense fragrance family ...me like..one strange thing I noticed is that the smoky aspect occasionaly gives me a licorice scent...a unique and enjoyable take on incensse...

Love at first sniff. Alot like Rock Crystal but just a hair better balanced, simpler. And this came first anyway. It's a beautiful light and transparent frankincense frag. Just a tiny bit of white floral to send it flying and the tiniest bit of sweetness of myrrh to help it land. Problem is I go through it too quick like water.

(Forgive my English)
This perfume begins with the most sublime opening I have ever smelled, in the sense of an extravagant, opulent and pure simplicity, which caused my head to recoil at the beginning, as if it were a tremendous blow of artistic seriousness. As in other Profumum fragrances, I once again admire the security in the bold and balanced combination of pure ingredients, which converse with each other in a strong and evocative composition.
I found this fragrance at the end of a search for the most poetic incense perfume, and I must say that the one presented here surpasses, in my opinion, the other incensed mixtures of the market, as far as I know them. However, the citrus fruit (a beautiful smell of orange, subtle but penetrating and "real") impregnates the development of this juice from the beginning, accentuated in an almost perfect combination with a natural incense, transformed by this citrus persistence into a dominated exaltation of a fruity purity. I have never liked the smell of fruit in perfumes, simply because I do not like to give off the smell of something that is to eat, but in this perfume I admire a visceral balance between the exuberance of fresh oranges and the smoky poetry of incense, sweetly dragging me to an ecclesiastical courtyard in Seville. However, I have the feeling that the seriousness of the olibanum has been sacrificed in an altar of oranges; I find in it the counterpart of the Ambra Aurea, in which the myrrh and the incense reached sacred depths in the same conspiracy of resins and warm embalming: Olibanum is a better mixed perfume, which reminds us of the value of the art of the simple in perfumery, warm too, but delivered to the citric acuity of a realistic orange note, in a more calm mixture than the one found in ambra Aurea. Incredible fragrance, even so, perhaps not long lasting on my skin, perhaps with an incense that is too "fruity", but, without a doubt, always giving the impression of being a juice of scorched essences ... of undoubted quality, precision and presence (vague, dazzling clarity) what sets it apart from the rest of incenses in the market.

A favorite incense and probably my favorite frank-n-myrrh. Simple, quality, and subtle. The coniferous aspect of frankincense is quite apparent from the get go.

Tis the season...

Profumum Olibanum is, as its name suggests, an incense-dominant fragrance, and one done very well. Smooth, strong incense dominate the scent. Mainly a combination of incense, sandalwood, and myrrh to my nose, surely this is a winter fragrance that leans masculine. I doubt I'd find myself wearing it in the summer heat.

As with most Profumum fragrances I've tried, the care and quality of Olibanum is obvious.

It reminds me of By Kilian Incense Oud in terms of both its incense dominance and smoothness, and especially since the orange blossom that some seem to find so apparent is so reticent in my own experience of the fragrance.

Performance is unsurprisingly very strong, characteristic of the house, particularly its cold-weather-leaning offerings like this, Arso, Ambra Aurea, etc.

Certainly full bottle worthy if I didn't already own By Kilian Incense Oud.

8 out of 10

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