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Procter & Gamble

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Old Spice Smooth Blast by Procter & Gamble

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Old Spice Smooth Blast is a men's fragrance by Procter & Gamble

Reviews of Old Spice Smooth Blast by Procter & Gamble

There are 2 reviews of Old Spice Smooth Blast by Procter & Gamble.

well, considering identical external execution, i dare to suppose this one is called Kilimanjaro in Europe. if so, my few words refer to this one, too; if not - to Kilimabjaro only. in two words - it's gorgeous! i can't really say what are the notes, exept for orange citrus in the opening i guess, but the overall smell is fantastic. it's got a retro touch to it, which in my oppinion adds to masculinity, though the fragrance is really smooth indeed and doesn't bite at all. The only frag from OS which is worth Classic scent, imho..and worth to become a classic itself. all other new scents of OS seem girly and ephemeral compared to these two. Kilimanjaro makes me feel like i'm standing on a gunpowder clouded field of north Africa in times of WW1, dressed in khaki briefs and short-sleeve shirt and safari hat. an incarnation of manliness. totally thumbs up!

This is NOT an over-the-top fruit/oriental but indeed a smooth blend that is natural, grounded, orange indeed, faintly tropical, a subdued watermelon? with a subtle wood (not a piercing cedar), minimally vanillac, musk base. Comparisons to Kenneth Cole's Reaction are fair but I much prefer this cheapo which has none of the KC Reaction "drop off" into a little murky effect...something of a Beyond Paradise reference here but more than just a Beyond Paradise knock off.

I could only find this stuff at Rite Aid which is a shame. It develops into an attractive close skin scent that is very discreet.

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