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I have had a bottle of this since I received it as part of a gift box when I was 14 years old. I am not an avid wearer of cologne so I have always saved it for various occasions. Now that I am 40 the bottle is running terribly low. As I decided to replace it I was so distraught to find that it was no longer available. My persistence in attempting to find this cologne or at least something like it brought me to this web site and the reviews that were posted claiming that it was still made by a company in India. This gave me hope. So I searched and was again distraught to find that the web sites that sold this product were based in India and only shipped within India. I came back to these reviews to attempt to find some kind of nugget of information that might lead me to a company in the U.S. that still had the stuff or at least retailed from India. All of the reviews speak of the existence of these illusive companies but it almost seems as if people want to make it a big secret because no one is telling.
Still I am persistent and low and behold I found it! West Coast Shaving not only had Old Spice Musk but at an amazingly cheaper price than I anticipated to have to pay.
I have always loved this scent. It appeals to me and it works with my body chemistry. I get compliments every time I wear it and so I have bought couple of bottles just so I can wear it a little more often.
8th April 2015
I love this version of Musk, and although it was officially discontinued in the states years ago; you can still get it! Old Spice in India still makes it and you can still find vintage NOS Shulton bottles online. This isn't your typical fruity tuity scent that you'll find today. This is a man's scent.
27th February 2015

Best scent next to Brut that came out of a grocery storeOne of my first fragrances. When I worked in a supermarket as a youth, I discovered this on the shelf. It's packaging was a clear bottle with dimples on it (kinda like a reverse golf ball). I really like the way this smells still today. I'm not sure what other musk colognes smell like and I don't care either..this is all the musk I need. It's too bad it's only available from India in a liquid that says lotion but is clear and has water like consistency...lasts about 5 mins too. Great from shower to bed scent.Pros: Nostalgia in a bottleCons: Only available out of India in a lotion/liquid "
11th September 2013
If headaches had odors, this is what it would smell like, IMHO! I don't know what I was thinking when I bought OSMFM in 1979. I guess I was too poor to buy a real EDT... Or maybe I bought it without sampling it first. I did that a lot when I was young. Anyway, I still have the full unused bottle (as a rule, I never throw away perfume, no matter how vile it may be). Of course, I suppose some men can smell ok with it. Hey, everything is possible. The smell reminds me of the old barbershop I went to as a kid in the early 60's. After the haircut was done, the barber (who must have been about 80 years old) would always douse my head with some cheap fragrance that made my hair sticky and stiff. My mother was infuriated because she had to wash my hair every time! She told me to ask the barber not to put anything in my hair but I was too shy to ask. Eventually, my mother sent me to another barbershop. This is what OSMFM brings to my mind. Memories, memories...
8th October 2011
Really lovely. Old spice with what smells to me like Datura, if I remember correctly. This is still available in India. Probably still available on ebay.
Beware: Contains Diethylphthalate.
25th June 2011
This really is an intoxicating scent for an inexpensive "drug store" brand. I got a bottle of this as a gift some time during the 1980's and, for some reason, wasn't impressed. About ten years later, I found the bottle in one of my drawers and tried it for the second time. I immediately fell in love with it, and got compliments from women every time I wore it. Unfortunately, I soon found out that the fragrance had been discontinued and, once the bottle ran out, I accepted the fact that I would never find it again and moved on. About two years ago, while browsing the web, I came across an online store that sold Indian products. I was surprised to find not only Old Spice Musk, but also Old Spice Fresh Lime which had also been discontinued in the US. These products are still produced in India under the original Shulton brand, although Proctor and Gamble does own the trademarks. I ordered a bottle of each, and found that they smelled exactly as I remembered them. If I had to describe Old Spice Musk, I'd say that it was a muted Old Spice with a predominant musk character . It is definitely spicy, and slightly on the sweet side, but not at all overbearing. Overall, a very pleasant and masculine musk fragrance with good lasting power.
27th August 2008