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My experience is with the Indian versions, circa early 90s and later early 2010s. In the early 90s I remembered men in my family using this (my grandfather did). However, I have no recollection of how it smelled like. Later on in the early 2010s I bought the aftershave spray - on the cheap. That was basically Old Spice with a hefty dose of lime on top. The note of lime wasn't too realistic, but not synthetic smelling either, and it made for a bracing freshness. The recipe was a winner; I liked it more than Old Spice, and would drench myself in the stuff on the hottest of days, using it as an eau de cologne. It did hold up well, and it was crisp - not much powdery, and quite suave.

Perhaps not worth hunting down, but you'd do well to pick up a bottle if you come across one on the cheap.

15th October 2018

Review for Indian Old Spice Fresh Lime:

This is quite a fantastic aftershave that I ordered on Ebay from India. Apparently Old Spice comes in 3 varieties - the Canadian version, the American, and the Indian (to my knowledge). Some say the Indian version is the best out of all 3 as the Indian Old Spice company were told manufacturing secrets from the old Shulton company that used to make Old Spice. In any case, this Indian Old Spice aftershave starts off with a spicy lime that gives me Carribean vibes and then dries down into typical Old Spice aftershave scent, which is quite enjoyable to me as I used to use it as a child. I love the fact that this Indian version of Old Spice has an atomizer (so you spray it onto your face), and I feel the quality of the scent is better than the Canadian version. The lime isn't photorealistic like for instance Stirling Soaps' lime aftershave, but it is a very interesting spicy lime scent that gives me Carribean vibes. The scent lasts a long time for an aftershave (especially the typical Old Spice scent, the lime tends to go after about half an hour). Also it provides a pretty good burn after shaving. Overall, a very nicely made aftershave which smells pretty fantastic.

3rd May 2018

Afraid I got the reformulated version of this that's made in India now. It smells nothing like "limes" to me at all. In fact, it almost smells like an inferior version of the current classic offering, which is of course not as good as the original Old Spice used to be. I'm sorry if this review is in the wrong place, but I couldn't find the newer version made in India to put this review in the right place. I'd love to try this original version.
27th August 2017
I think Old Spice Fresh Lime, for me, set the bar for what I'd like in men's fragrances. I was gifted with a bottle of OSFL as a teenager (the 1980's), and I was always captivated by its clean, pungent quality in contrast to the classic spicy, bracing profile of the original. Wore like a true aftershave and skin scent than a bona fide cologne, but I think that's the point of OSFL.

Crisp, green, tangy, and refreshing!
20th December 2016
Well I have found a supplier in india through ebay who still stocks this and has LOADS ! I ordered it and I have to admit i love the fresh scent and you really can smell the lime ! very clean , very masculine and very under rated!!!!!!love it !
16th December 2009
Like many others I miss Old Spice Fresh Lime as it was my favorite daily fragrance back in my teen years. OS Fresh Lime was my favorite from the Old Spice range and I have not gone back to the brand since they discontinued it. The balance of tart lime with spice aromatics of the original was the key to what made this lime fragrance so good. It was refreshing but had substance beyond the limes. Lime as a scent was the big trend back in the late 1960's mostly due to the success that Royall Lymes of Bermuda was having selling their pure lime fragrance on the men's clothing store fragrance counters back then. Most of the other common brands (Old Spice, English Leather, Pubman, Aqua Velva etc) felt compelled to offer up lime versions of the originals to grab some of that lime business. The most succussful of these trend riders was Old Spice Fresh Lime. Why it was discontinued is still a mystery . . . and a disappointment.
24th August 2009
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