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Juliette Has a Gun (2013)

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Oil Fiction by Juliette Has a Gun

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Oil Fiction was originally launched in 2013 as a limited edition of 999 bottles. The fragrance was relaunched in the latter part of 2014, alongside new fragrance, Moon Dance as part of Juliette Has a Gun's Luxury Collection

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Reviews of Oil Fiction by Juliette Has a Gun

There are 11 reviews of Oil Fiction by Juliette Has a Gun.

Stunning classic-style reimagined modern. A bit of hot outdoor metal and asphalt in the beginning, almost industrial site notes. Shifts and changes to various full on florals with some serious silage. Petal smooth, velvety. As the day goes on gets better and better with different florals coming to the forefront and then going backstage while another comes out for a solo performance. A bit thick, if you could smell viscosity. Parchment paper note present as the day went on. Extreme longevity, wonderful performance.

An impressive, well-blended start. Bold, rich, dark. I am immediately envisioning Film Noir actresses from the 1940's...

I get a hint of tuberose. It isn't strong. This frag releases tons of labdanum, patchouli, vanilla, and sandalwood, not waiting for the other notes to speak up. There is a frosty, iris cloud above. There is also something papery.

Oil Fiction is not like the other JHAG scents I've tried. This one, is exceptional. It's as though they used a different perfumer to create this. The amber-accord, from the darker notes, begins to sink to the bottom as iris increases its presence. The iris is not so much powdery as it is airy, if that makes any sense.

An almost faint reminder of tobacco teases me later on... Iris, begins to fall away, leaving the darker notes to carry on.

There is something very 80's about this scent, which I really like – maybe it takes me back to my mis-spent youth ;) Iris, saffron, vanilla and ylang-ylang are the most prominent notes on me. It's very pretty, but the longevity on me is terrible – barely four hours, which is a shame. I like it, but for the cost, I want a bit more bang for my buck. Still going to order the discovery set though, as I really want to explore more from this house!

Wow! This one is weird! Tuberose and Iris, right? But I really don't smell either. It's a good thing, I think, since tuberose and I are kind of frenemies. (I think she's great, but she's not as fond of me.) I do catch the powdery makeup Iris, but mostly Iris is tamping down the noise of Tuberose, I think. Tuberose is usually such a drama queen. But the effect is more of a body product than an actual perfume. It really does smell oily! Like sunscreen oil that's trying to be unscented, maybe. Or baby ointment? Goodness, where have I smelled this before?? It's so strange, but it's growing on me.

Stardate 20170724:

JHAGOF makes me very happy. It has the elements of old school full-on floral. Like First or Joy but modernized.
It also has that development. Again not as good as vintages or 4160 but given what is being done this is amazing.
I do not wear florals much and Mrs. E is not into this style. Our bottle of Joy EDP, K, First, Eau de Gucci sits there collecting dust.
I try to sniff them whenever I can but it is not the same as her wearing it.
I would recommend this. One thing I do not like here is a sour lactonic note. Stays throughout. I wish it was not present at all.


The opening few seconds seemed like a promising, simple perfume, but it started going through a rough patch within a couple minutes, becoming more complex, or fractured, and smelling to me like cleaning product, with modern woody notes added. I found this period borderline offensive. Into the base, the woods and the floral notes came together more harmoniously, and almost worked for me, with maybe just one ingredient putting me off.

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