Oeillet Louis XV (new) 
Oriza L. Legrand (2012)

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Oeillet Louis XV (new) by Oriza L. Legrand

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Oeillet Louis XV (new) is a shared scent launched in 2012 by Oriza L. Legrand

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Reviews of Oeillet Louis XV (new) by Oriza L. Legrand

There are 11 reviews of Oeillet Louis XV (new) by Oriza L. Legrand.

Rosy mandarin. Bright. Warm. Rosy, pink pepper carries into the heart, which is a fine mix of flowers. A bit creamy and spicy, with a hint of clove. I get more out of this than anything else.

Becomes powdery and musky... Leans feminine. Honey and wood come along later. Generally, I've encountered many scents that smell like this. Not to say isn't beautiful, which it is, just not a unique creation.

A vanilla-like note hours later.

Just as advertised in the note listing...opens with an awsome pepper coated mandarin...Overall , a nice wall of cedary woodiness...scent feels dry...powdery , but in a very relaxed and unobtrusive fashion...as an association it conjures up thoughts of Habit Rouge and Creed Orange Spice...the carnation/iris combo gives this a rough edged serious floral...a little touch of clove...kind of a modernized fresher powdery effect overall...after a while, like out of nowhere , the smell of greenery and a faint rose appears...the slightly dusty/nostalgic/vintage vibe I get is like smelling a piece of history...sweet-musky-citrusy- spicy-flowey wood...get a nose feel like something nutty/buttery...I find this scent takes me on a journey that is a delight to my sense of smell...a modern classic and , dare I say , a minor masterpiece....

My eight year old said this perfume reminded him of visiting RHS Harlow Carr in Yorkshire during our time in England. Most of the year the temperature hovered between 13-18 celsius, hence the air is usually crisp or damp and cold. Depending on what was in bloom or what section of the area we visited, usually the playground areas, there was often this spicy and peppery waft in the air from the wet soil and the damp leaves and lots of stomping and trampling of the ground foliage. On the other side of the gardens there was a field of flowers, most surprisingly in variating stages of bloom throughout the year.

Mixed in was the scent from the Bettys inside Harlow Carr with their hot afternoon tea in the air. Finally at the end the gift store with floral and botanical lotions, soaps, and scented candles. Oeillet Louis XV at each stage from the opening notes to the final hold on woody notes reminds me of each visit to beloved memory of our time in England.

I don't get much of the rose that others have mentioned, but I do get a very warm, spicy, clove-y scent. It's quite linear, and lasts for many hours, easily 12 or so. It's fantastic for warming you up in the cold months.

Genre: Floral Oriental

As is sometimes the case, I offer a dissenting view here. I was wondering how they were going to pull off a carnation, what with the EU's absurd restrictions on the use of eugenol. Turns out, the answer is they don't. Whatever Oeillet Louis XV may smell like, it does not smell like oeillet (carnation). Oi!

My experience is that when ‘carnations' go wrong, they often wind up smelling something like a rose. That's not the case here. What we get instead is a very sweet spiced amber oriental with a large, but non-descript floral accord on top. The result smells nice enough, but it's also undistinguished, bland, and very untrue to the presumptions of its title. Oriz L. Legrand has quite a few interesting fragrances (Reve d'Ossian, Violettes du Czar, Deja le Printemps, Chypre Mousse, Foin Fraîchment Coupé,) in its lineup. This is not one of them.

First comes the carnation note as in the famous soap by Roger & Gallet, then a whole bunch of roses – and that's why I nearly gave it a poorer rating, since I am not into rose perfume, but I admit this composition is of high quality, with a sour, lemony rose, and then the carnation returns (supported by clove) to leave behind a lovely soft-spicy skinny veil.
If you are looking for a classy carnation fragrance, try this.

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