Odeur 71 
Comme des Garçons (2000)

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Odeur 71 by Comme des Garçons

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If you fancy something different to the run of the mill designer fragrances, how about trying the second in the series of Anti-Perfumes by Comme des Garcons. When you first smell the fragrance you get a big metallic rush, it's very different. With notes you probably won't find in many other fragrances, you'll definitely be unique wearing Odeur 71.

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Reviews of Odeur 71 by Comme des Garçons

There are 43 reviews of Odeur 71 by Comme des Garçons.

TLDR: Good (3/5). An evocation of a specific sort of place in the guise of a fragrance. Oddly compelling.

Before Covid-19, when going to the office was a big part of many folks' lives, lots of people knew the smell of Odeur 71 at a nearly subconscious level.

This blend of dusty woods, metallic notes, office supplies and other random-seeming notes evokes an empty office environment with remarkable realism--right down to "dust on a not light bulb".

I can appreciate the conceptual fragrance art on display here. I have had a bottle of this scent for quite a long time, but lately I find myself wearing it once in a while and enjoying it. I suspect that my new found affection for this scent is a manifestation of the degree to which I miss the collegiality, ritual, distractions and even, to some extent, the annoyances of working in a bustling office environment.

Before the disruptions wrought by the virus and the [supply your own adjective, I don't want to be political] government responses to it, I would never have believed I could become nostalgic for the office. But I am and Odeur 71 is a way for me to travel back in time to the work environment I used to know.

Therefore, this scent gets a somewhat Proustian thumbs up. (BTW, considered solely as a smell, O71 is a pretty good, if rather synthetic, woody aromatic and proves more easy to wear than you'd suspect from a quick sniff.)

I was quite shocked by the whole concept of Odeur 71 when I first encountered it a decade ago at a local Sephora. It seemed too weird and too risky to try on.

But I gave it a try and was truly surprised at how pleasant and distinct Odeur 71 was to me! I must admit that it was the "dust on a light bulb" note that ultimately grew on me the most, but the other notes seemed to support the electric woody-mossy character of this unique scent experience.

Definitely a scent to test first and not blind buy, given its avant garde composition.

This is a bizarre little thing. Another of those "just because you can, ought you to?" scents, nothing more than a chemical experiment, the sort of thing Etat Libre d'Orange does a great deal.

It is extremely light, almost nonexistent. It has a sharp, metallic quality, a slight woodiness, and hovering in the background the barber shop whiff of bay, as in bay rhum.

It reminds me of the scene in Perfume, where the protagonist attempts to boil the scent out of metal objects.

I don't give it a negative, because I reserve that only for perfectly foul or vile scents, or for those too lazy not to copy others.

I don't see the reason for the existence of Odeur 71, unless it's to distract audiences from Odeur 53.

a blast of chemical fruity florals..turning into plastic fruity wood..love or hate with this one..compellimg and weird

I agree with other reviewers stating there is almost no point in describing "how" Odeur 71 smells. It's basically a non-perfume like Odeur 53, and even if they smell different, I would apply the same review I did for that one – which is generally positive, as I enjoy this concept and the way they expressed it. Odeur 71 smells more pungent, dusty and dark than Odeur 53 with a sour green accord and quite a dry feel all over, but the sort of grey, concrete minimal substance is the same. A rare example of clever, well-executed and creative minimalism – which I wouldn't wear, but I respect it.


Genre: Woods

The ostentatiously contrived note pyramid accurately reflects the aesthetic behind Odeur 71, and offers plenty of entertainment value to boot. At least in this case, the accompanying fragrance is correspondingly unconventional. Odeur 71 smells like incense and laundry detergent, spiked with (synthetic?) cedar, woody amber, and a peppery green note. The drydown is pretty much pencil shavings.

The problem with purposefully “industrial” scents like this is that they often smell more like the contents of a desk drawer than avant-garde perfumes. They're great if your idea of subversive fashion is smelling like an office, but perhaps better suited as remedies for workaholic insomniacs.

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