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Reviews of Oceanus by Body Shop

Definitely aquatic. I get some light citrus notes and a strong green tea note, another review mentioned seaweed which I could be confusing it with. Some salty sea mineral notes as well. Nothing special or original, but I can't hate it.
Sep 24, 2020

let me say this first: i am not an ocean/aquatic/water scent person. quite the opposite: i adore the musks/oils/oriental/arab/oud scentsi don;t know what it is about oceanus that makes me tolerate it and even like it! its a happy, foamy, blue scent. clean, scrubbed down with a bar of zest type of scent.
Sep 30, 2009

Im not a very big fan of Oceanus. I had an Oceanus set of bath salts and lotions etc and it smells like it has seaweed extract and it really stinks after a while.
Nov 28, 2008

Another one of the very few aquatics I can abide, but still nothing I'll ever clamor for. I smell a lot of bergamot here, so much so that I can certainly understand the "soapy" conclusion drawn by 891. Really a pretty good frag for the price and (to the best of my knowledge) one of The Body Shop's best sellers for years. (And this time for good reason.)
Jan 12, 2008

Sorry, christykat, I have to agree with allen-at-home about this one about it smelling cheap. Not to say that there is anthing wrong with wearing a cheap& cheerful when you need a pick-me-up!
Oct 9, 2006

Only yesterday I discovered that Oceanus from the Body Shop, which is "for men or women", smells EXACTLY like Rimmel's London Glam for women. It's too strong and soapy for me, and reminds me of a cheap perfume.
Apr 22, 2006

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