Obsession for Men 
Calvin Klein (1986)

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When Calvin Klein transformed his female Obsession into a unique fragrance for men, he created a popular classic. The fragrance is potent, powerful and intensely provocative with a blend of Bergamot, Lavender, Amber and Musk.

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Reviews of Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

There are 187 reviews of Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein.

The beginning of this is way, way too strong. As others mentioned, it smells "old Manish." I would say that this persists until about 3 hours in, once the drydown starts to hit.

Then once that drydown is here, I occasionally get the best waft of something amber-y ever! It is just not worth it to me to have to go through the top strong first hours to get there...

This falls into one of those that I either wear only at home, or as mentioned that I need to be able to put on about 3 hours before leaving anywhere, so that kind of limits it. Oddly enough like they say, my cat he love it. Haha.

Quick disclaimer: after experimenting with frags over the past two years or so, in which I bought about 8 total, I've become less of a fan of traditional "masculine" scents, and more leaning toward the "warm and aromatic" or sweet ones.

IE I'm honestly not the biggest fan of Oriental type frags here now, along with those with tobacco and leather, etc. So take this review with this in mind.

My overall: 5/10
Projection: 10/10, is a monster!
Silage: 9/10
Mar 29, 2020

Cinnamon buns in a fragrance I really love this scent even though I'm 32 I would say that its a little old manish but I still love it projects well and lasts all day I usually wear it in the fall/winter it would be too strong in the spring/summer.
Jan 25, 2020

The initial spray is CINNAMON!!!!! and it stays that way for about 15 minutes before it edges off and the Patchouli starts to come through. At this point it has a striking resemblance to Givenchy Gentleman (Original) and then later in the dry down has a hint of Givenchy Pi thrown in.

It is potent stuff even in its current formulation. 1 spray is there in the background. 2 brings it forward and present but well mannered. 3 will likely cause offence.
Nov 12, 2019

A traditional smelling "old man" amber. It vanillay and cinnamony, but one of the signatures is the spicy balsamic aura it projects around the user. Pretty safe. Real question here comes down to reformulations. I've owned both the old and new. To me they smell similar, and both are noticeable as Obsession. Presentation wise, the oldest version has an integrated sprayer on the top and reads cologne spray. It was then given a solid cap with a gold band, and finally the newest version has a semitransparent cap. The juice was previously a darker hue. Both are nice looking, but the integrated sprayer is a little old school looking. The older is full fat, moist and persistant. The new version is thinner, drier, less bombastic, and lasts about half as long. But the new version is also cheap as chips, so both versions grade out as a thumbs up for me.
Nov 3, 2019

Unexciting. I'm picky and tight-fisted, don't buy fragrances that are just okayish.
Jul 1, 2019

This scent is redolent of an old woman's powder room from the 1930s.

I can't imagine any man of any age wearing this cologne. That it was created in the 1980s as a "masculine" scent blows my mind.

This is the cologne equivalent of Mixture No. 79 in the pipe tobacco world. Extremely soapy with talc and heavy, heavy floral scents. The slight hint of musk is drowned by these cloying essences. In fact it smells almost exactly like those "dusting powders" that grandma used to pat on herself or pour into a hot bath to generate a pleasant scent.

It certainly lasts a long time, but not in a good way. Just as Mixture 79 will ghost your pipe, Obsession for Men will ghost your body.
Apr 12, 2019

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