A fresh, tropical blend of coconut water, seaside lavender and wild palm.

Oasis fragrance notes

    • coconut water, seaside lavender, wild palm

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Co. Co. Laven. Doir.
Perfect with your touch of Noir
Cannot find the Royal Palm
Lost 'tween here and Vietnam

Oh. Wait. Let me guess.
Touch of green in tropic mess
Find it, pimp it, palm it off
Only nerds like Red will scoff

Love. Your. Prada. Vibe.
Sprucin' up this fragrant dive
Oakmoss can at pence a pop
Ever knee prun' astr'y bop

What's. Up. Laven. DAR?
Climb aboard this beach bum car
Cruise the strip in spray-can style
Axe me if it's been a while

Coo. Coo. Coco puffs.
Tell me when you's had enoughs
Amber Notice, hula shirt
Youses in you's 50's skirt

Thank. You. BB Dub!
Noir's old best's all that's new rub
Rubb'ry amb'ry Noir accord
'Ssures me that I'm never bored

O. A. S-I-S.
Glad I bought you on a guess
May not be their cup of tea
You be you and I'll be me.
24th June 2021