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Oasis by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

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Oasis is a shared scent by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

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There are 2 reviews of Oasis by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo.

This is my favorite floral perfume. A deep floral that smells as real as it actually is -- no artificial ingredients here. First, a cool, lemony, serious, dark red rose and then some warm, indolic jasmine and fleshlike tuberose, and also a touch of animalic real orange blossom. Development is nice; it shifts from flower to flower. I'm not a floral wearer, yet I love this. What does that say? Most synthetic florals are too screechy and one-dimensional for me. This one captures the essence of the real flowers and presents them in a dramatic way, yet one that is close to the skin and dark, like dreaming of flowers while smelling the roses blooming outside the window, or like a garden full of flowers in the sun, their aroma rising in the warmth while he insects buzz in the lazy afternoon. Try this one if you want to know how a real floral, a good floral, a really good real floral, and (most of all) good real floral perfume smells!

Oasis is a cool, soft pretty floral from beginning to end. There is a fuzz of citrus in the opening, and a smear of earthy notes in the dry down, but that's as far as it strays from the floral. It's described as a classic mix of florals, including rose, jasmine, tuberose and orange flower, and that feels correct.
Because the florals are natural it's an easy-to-wear fragrance, with no synthetic notes, aldehydes or sugar. It has a voluptuous green/white floral air, innocent yet sensual. I can see this being worn by a wide variety of women.
Oasis was a surprise as it smells like the most fragrant wild flower in Alaska, the little known Silverberry bush blossom. When it's masses of blooms heat up in the sun on river bars the air is intoxicating with a green magnolia-like scent. This is the only commercial fragrance I've smelled which has reminded me of it. So this resonates on several levels for me.
Longevity is its one issue on me, with the sillage lasting about one and a half hours. It becomes a skin scent for another hour. I wish it were longer, but it's still acceptable.

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