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Lancôme (1969)

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Ô de Lancôme by Lancôme

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Okay, so we know this is a female fragrance but we don't care! Its suitable for unisex wear in our opinion. Ideal if you fancy a citrus scent that's going to be different.

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Reviews of Ô de Lancôme by Lancôme

There are 40 reviews of Ô de Lancôme by Lancôme.

Ô yeah. Ô yeah! The moon, beautiful...The sun, even more beautiful, ah ha ha. Ô yeah! Chicka chicka chicka...

An herb garden after the rain, damp mosses genuflecting before trees, honeysuckle hedges, lemon yellow and basil green; all of this comes to mind upon applying Ô de Lancôme. It's made for late July, when you're starting to grow weary of the heat and need something to lift you up and stretch your limbs into action. It's just bitter enough to put a pep in your step, just sweet enough to put a smile on your face.

The vetiver in the dry down is an added bonus, as it seamlessly syncs with the citrus and herbs and is always a joy to have aside the oakmoss, making for a winsome skin scent hours in from application.

Citrusy, bitter, but soft. Not something I would bother buying at all.

Dark citrus with a touch of florals.
After a regular cologne, the moss in Ô makes it feel like sunglasses on a bright day.

Citrus chypres are rather common in the world of scent, stretching from the 1920s (R&G's LE JADE) through the 1990s (Gres' HOMME DE GRES).

O DE LANCOME is one of these with a light citrus burst that calms down to an oak moss, vetiver and labdanum chypre.

They are all perfectly likable and very much like each other. One of the simplest formulas in the perfume world, but done well, the best type of summer scent imaginable.

This one is as competent as the others. Thumbs up on its own merits, as it would be unfair to take it down a notch because of its lack of originality.

Turin gives it three stars and names it a "fresh citrus," while Herman praises its "tart, green, herbal dry down."

I cannot bear to give Ô de Lancôme anything but a thumbs up, but that is for the old one, the vintage, the pre-reformulation fragrance. Ô de Lancôme used to be one of my favourite scents for summer and sports – refreshing citrus with the most gorgeous, soft and sexy sandalwood drydown. The wave of reformulations round about 2010 hit Ô de Lancôme as well, and left what is an insult to both the old fragrance and those who loved it. Its new version is a sharp, charmless, lemony washing-up liquid, not to be recommended. Best not dwell on that though, but to remember the dreaminess of the Ô de Lancôme that used to be...

This is for the pre-2000 formulation.

This is a summer staple and is just wonderful when the weather is making everybody a bit torpid and droopy. A very smart pick me up for the nose which then drifts off gently into oakmoss, musk and wood.

The longevity isn't as long as I'd like, but this comes in such large bottles that it's no problem to reapply during the day and give your nose and brain that sharp sting of green and citrus again on a warm afternoon.

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