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Jo Malone London (1990)

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Nutmeg & Ginger by Jo Malone London

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Reviews of Nutmeg & Ginger by Jo Malone London

I love both ginger and nutmeg, but as others have mentioned this fragrance not have enough of the former. The wonderfuly spicy opening, that promises forthcoming delights, quickly disappoints and settles down to a rather tepid nutmeg 'solispice.' I wouldn't mind the nutmeg-only part, because I suspect it would layer beautifully with some of my simpler vanilla scents, but even this part doesn't last more than an hour on my skin, and then the entire fragrance disappears completely. Definitely not worth the price for my particular skin chemistry, but if yours holds on to fragrance and you like nutmeg, it's worth a try.

I bought this and sold it on Ebay after giving it 2 days chance,didn't get on with it at all! A very strong fragrance which smelled predominantly of nutmeg (very Old Spice!). It lasts for ages too (which would've been fine if I'd liked it!)

This starts out very nice and spicy, although not overpowering. However, after an hour or so, the ginger is gone and all that's left is nutmeg. A lot of nutmeg.

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