Nuit d'Issey Bleu Astral 
Issey Miyake (2017)

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Reviews of Nuit d'Issey Bleu Astral by Issey Miyake

Citrus and spice in the opening, the lime and coriander are clearly defined and somewhat different than the normal mall scent. As it dries down, you get a clean, woody scent that feels more generic but remains pleasant. I also get whiffs of the citrus and spice from time to time but only just in the air, not directly from smelling skin. Might be my clothes hanging on to the top notes. Does remind me of other scents but not the original L'Eau d'Issey, must be Nuit.

I was going to write this off as another boring scent but the spiciness and citrus bite just kept coming back to me throughout the day, making this somewhat different and enjoyable.

Projection was average and longevity was good, lasted all workday.
Oct 5, 2018

Another flanker that will fly under the radar.
I must say the Miyake has figured out how to fully expand on its current offerings for men, and though some are not as lovely, there is literally something for everyone.

Such is the case with the 4th flanker for Nuit D'Issey...what exactly is Bleu Astral anyway? And not to be confused with Austral Expedition.

However you slice it, it is the same lime/coriander combo opening and woody base found in Austral Expedition but with leather in the mid notes. Closer to the original Nuit this time around instead of L'Eau d'Issey.

Very Miyake, and it is not bad. Could have been named something totally different and it would still work.
Nov 14, 2017

In the opening notes i smell citrus and mango. Then - nothing. Almost zero performance on my skin after a couple of minutes. A faint musc drydown maybe. I am new to the world of scents but i have not experienced such a weak performance in the ~ 30 scents i tried so far yet.

May 8, 2017

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