Nuit de Megève 
Eight & Bob (2017)

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Reviews of Nuit de Megève by Eight & Bob

There are 6 reviews of Nuit de Megève by Eight & Bob.

This is something i picture Cary Grant wearing while in his well-tailored suit. green,light brown like early autumn. it's a very simplistic yet high quality vetiver's not that bitter,dark,damp vetiver like in Encre Noir and Sycomore. the hint of coffe in this is what really shapes this vetiver and keeps it from being like all the others.clean,slightly soapy,delicate and thoroughly charming.

The effervescence and tartness of grapefruit mixed with petitgrain gives the fragrance a aromatic opening and tempers vetiver's inherent earthiness and medicinal green-ness.while the coffe note at the base adds a complexity and heft to it without weighing it down. tobacco is fine,dry and aromatic.the composition is so well blended that the included tonka bean seems to gently come in and out of provides a wonderful balance of earthy and sweet, while still having an inoffensive,mass appeal quality.performance is very solid lasting 8 hours,with above average projection.
Nov 20, 2021

Dark spicy coffee scent that reminds me of Endyminion by Penhaligons. Very nice!
May 3, 2021

A peppery, woody concoction that plays smooth and dry, with tobacco grounding it and a little vetiver giving it a hint of green. It reminds me a touch of Rag & Bone Oddity, though I like this one a bit better than that.

It's the kind of composition that might've been a designer release 15-20 years ago--interesting, unique, but pleasing enough to appeal to the mainstream--but has now largely retreated into the pricy world of luxe-niche, which is a shame. I think this would sell like gangbusters at the Macy's counter or Sephora.
Mar 27, 2020

This is coffee chocolate and musk with a few threads of tobacco and maybe vetiver. They are mixed so well that no single note dominates the character of the scent. It is fairly linear apart from a very transient bright opening.
This comes across as very well blended and smooth. Masculine yet subtle. A man who is confident in his identity and power and has no need to prove it.
It's message is subtle but clear and as such is very versatile. It could easily be a signature scent.
Well done Eight and Bob.

Fragrance: 8/10
Projection: 7.5/10
Longevity: 7/10
Nov 25, 2019

Nuit de Megeve walks the line between provocative and sober vetiver, a curious iris/tonka blend creating a semi-sweet, powdery vetiver experience that is fresh yet deep and rich as well.

Stylistically, it's a curious use of vetiver, not particularly dirty, but rather, quite sophisticated, yet odd enough to seem unhinged at times. I don't specifically get tobacco or clove but rather, some blend of the two, slightly dirty, spicy, even green.

It vacillates between bright and dark but in that respect it's a good four-season fragrance.

Performance is decent but as with most of the fragrances in the line, the obstacle is pricing, in which the standard bottle price of $175 for 100ml feels a tad much for what one is getting. Nuit stands out as perhaps the most sophisticated, formal offering of the lot, and perhaps the single scent (Egypt also, maybe) that transitions best from day to nighttime wearing.

7 out of 10
Jul 26, 2018

Wow! Nuit de Megève starts out with a BRIGHT quality, thanks to the brash clove and petitgrain onslaught that reminds me of what Oil of Olay or other fancy skin lotions would smell like. That remains for a while, a concern to me as it smells more like a skin cream than a fragrance.

Iris and tonka come out with some "effort" after around 10 minutes, though quite subtly so. I don't smell grapefruit at all anywhere in the wear cycle, nor does coffee emerge in any obvious way (at least not to me). Vetiver does appear as a midrange support for the "skin cream" quality that dominates Nuit de Megève.

I don't think I'd wear this one even out of mere curiousity; the concoction smells very, well, health-and beauty-aisle product-like and not something I'd willingly wear on myself. And given that this is a unisex fragrance, maybe this scent would fare better on a lady. YOU be the judge.
Apr 28, 2018

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